Mourinho tipped for England job

Former Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho is believed to be the clear favourite to manage England if FA chiefs decide to sack Steve McClaren.

The ‘Special One’ cannot manage another Premier League club in the near future without compromising his compensation package from Chelsea, but he is known to be happy living in England.

The FA are expected to dispense with McClaren if and when failure to qualify for Euro 2008 is confirmed and will return to a non-English boss after the disaster of the former Boro manager’s reign.

Most bookies now make Mourinho the favourite, while Martin O’Neill, Luis Scolari, Arsene Wenger and Guus Hiddink have all been heavily backed.

Hiddink has only recently signed a new two-year extension to his contract with Russia, and he is unlikely to risk upsetting Roman Abramovich by walking out on that job, while Scolari was put off by the English press when he was considered for the role after Sven-Goran Eriksson left the job.

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  • giova * * * *

    It’s hard to beleive that Marcello Lippi wasn’t even mentioned in this article. I’m sure England would fare much better than any of the last 10 cqaches England have had. Sven?, McClaren?…….please. The only 2 people I see bringing England a world cup are Lippi or Sir Alex and you know the latter isn’t going anywhere. I would like to see Lippi coach England or Spain–2 interesting teams with much potential but little direction. Although the team I would like to see Lippi coach the most would be Italy…..please come back.

  • wayroo10

    I personally think mourinho or sir alex should take the job. No one is more qualified than these two,but sir alex has been said to retire. If this is the case then the FA will pick Mourinho as the ew coach. Bye,Bye McLarren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keeeper King

    England has always been a great team they have just been under achievers for the skill they possess i think this may be because of leadership issues. i think that it would be a good idea to have mourinho for a manager because he had worked with a few of the England players before such as Frank Lampard and John Terry.

  • Garry Bannister

    England need the best person for the job. Whether that is an englishman or not that is the FA’s decision and they need to decide what’s more valuable to them…. knowing they have an underperforming Englishman at the helm or a FIFA World Cup in their trophy cabinet through an overseas manager. The choice is ridiculously simple. Jose Mourinho has demonstrated that he is a genuis. To win the champions league at Porto when they were a mid table team and to lead Chelsea to six trophies in three years is extroadinary. No other manager has had that level of success in such a short space of time, not Ferguson at United, Wenger at Arsenal or Benetiz at Liverpool. The problem with England is the ego’s of your Beckham’s, Rooney’s, Lampard’s. Mourinho is probably the only manager in world sport with a bigger ego than his players. He has demonstrated that he is clearly not intimidated by the England media and will not be told by players, media, fans, how to manage a club. He gives minutes to players who play excellent football, not those with famous sir names. Besides Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson would be the only other capable choice however with his future and goals set at Manchester United a move to international level does not look likely. Mourinho never shoul have been dismissed from Chelsea, however now that he is available the English FA need to bid whatever they need to bid to get their name.

  • James

    Whats the differance between lewis Hamilton and the England football team?….

    … Lewis Hamilton still has a McLarren!

  • giova * * * *

    Lewis Hamilton won’t have trouble getting a seat at any English restaurants.