Müller Lauds ‘Complete’ Ronaldo

Former Germany strike star Gerd Müller had nothing but kind words after Brazil ace Ronaldo bested his career World Cup goals record with one in the win over Ghana.

“Even before the tournament started, it was obvious that he would get at least two goals and draw level, if not three and set a new record,” said Der Bomber. “It wasn’t a surprise.”

Müller also set aside discussion that Ronaldo doesn’t deserve the standard because he played in one more tourney than he did.

“Although Ronaldo is now in his third World Cup, this is nevertheless still a great achievement on his part,” he stated. “Playing at such a high level over such a long period of time, always managing to be fit at the right moment is unusual nowadays.”

“In my opinion, he’s the best, most complete attacker there is at the moment.”


  • dddd

    I think what Ronaldo has done for himself is the best for him,although he is still not show his best skill as Samba’s striker.

  • George?

    I think Gerd Muller has no idea what he’s saying about Ronaldo, saying that he’s the best striker at the moment… the guy hasnt ran for more than a minute throughout the the entire tournament and this cost his country elimination. He puts in no effort anymore into soccer and shows no sign of returning to be one of the world’s greatest young superstars. I honestly beleive that the Ronaldo doesnt deserve to take the title away from Gerd Mullerr this World Cup.