New shoe from adidas matches Messi’s brilliance

In a TV spot promoting Lionel Messi’s new, tailor-made F50 adizero in a stunning turbo/blast/purple/white colorway that screams FC Barcelona, the Argentine ace attacker is outfitted in an LED-bodysuit complete with mask, shoes and a soccer ball with glowing laces.

Messi as a moving Light-Brite makes for spectacular footage to be sure, but the world’s best player needs not flare and special effects to appear like a superhero. Just viewing the maestro at work on the field is otherworldly enough.

Take for instance Barcelona’s recent friendly match against Santos, the former club of Messi’s new star teammate Neymar. Meant to be a showcase for the burgeoning Brazilian, instead the contest was controlled, the fans captivated, by Messi, wearing his fresh adizeros.

It took just eight minutes before the man some call “Messiah,” and some managers compare to a video game, took one touch from a Pedro-passed through ball, rounded the keeper, swiveled his hips, curled his left foot around the ball and slotted the sphere into an open net from an acute angle.

Most players would have run to the corner flag and slid across the grass, maybe ripped off their shirts. The mighty Messi just smiled and acted like he’s scored with skill dozens of times before, because he has, of course, winning just about every individual and team honor awarded in club soccer.

Messi was at it again a dozen minutes later, unselfishly laying off to Chilean attacker Alexis Sánchez to tap home, setting La Blaugrana on its way to a dominant 8-0 victory.

To watch Messi play is to watch an artist paint or a composer conduct. He is a man at one with the ball, seemingly nudging, guiding and gluing it to his shoe at will. The new F50 adizero gives him an eloquent brush with which to paint.

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