adidas Nitrocharge

adidas Nitrocharge: “The Engine” :: ORDER NOW!!

adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is a completely new focus for adidas. In addition to speed (the F50), control (Predator) and comfort (adiPURE 11Pro), adidas is now focusing on energy with the Nitrocharge. Designed to harness, enhance and focus the energy of power players, the Nitrocharge 1.0 is ready to go the distance for the entire 90 minutes.

With the goal of maximizing player power and stamina, the adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is loaded with revolutionary technologies and innovations. Most visible is adidas’ new Energysling. The Energyslingis a rubber “sling” that wraps around the forefoot to support side cut and turn movements. Translation? It helps players dominate the z-dimension distance.

Also new for the Nitrocharge is adidas’ innovative upper material – Hybridtouch. The Nitrocharge Hybridtouch delivers the lightweight durability of a synthetic with the comfort of a natural leather. The back of the Nitrocharge, a combo of protection mesh layer and pre-molded protection pads, is also crafted to ensure players’ feet are protected during 90 minutes of intense action.

adidas’ SpritFrame outsole that’s now standard on many of adidas’ top-tier cleats has been enhanced on the Nitrocharge with an Energypulse insert. Inspired by the geometry of springs, the Energypulse is an elastic insert in the outsole that offers energy return and power during toe-off, which makes it easier to dominate the distance.

The Nitrocharge will be worn by power players like Javi Martinez, Dani Alves and Daniele De Rossi. adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is ready for non-stop explosive 90 minute action. Are you?

  • Nathan Araujo

    Is this the next generation of adipower predator? LZ is predator but in the ‘control’ category.

  • Probo Martinez

    it seems like adipure+first f50 micoach

  • Carlos Dego

    I love these!!! I am definitely going to get me some.

  • Erick Aguirre

    Is this new sling thing going to cut into my feet?

  • Karol Taveres

    I hope it’s new type of shoes! It will be awesome , for the best killers.

  • Edgar Chavez

    Ugg… those shoes are so ugly. I wish they made them with different colors.

  • Leonardo Oliveira

    I don’t care. I love these shoes!! I will definitely buy a pair when they come out!!!

  • Miguel

    They should let the enrgysling be customizable

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