No Italy Return For Totti

Roma captain Francesco Totti has ruled out a return to international football despite Italy qualifying for the finals of Euro 2008.

Totti played his last game for Italy in the World Cup final against France in Berlin last summer before announcing his wish to retire from international duty.

Roma fans had hoped the 31-year-old would play again for the Azzurri but the player has emphatically ruled out a return for the finals in Austria and Switzerland.

“I took the decision to leave the national team after the World Cup final,” said Totti.

“Since announcing to the Federation my decision to quit the national team, I have not thought of returning, not even in the case of Italy qualifying for the European Championship finals nor in the case of failure.

“I know the rules of the squad and out of respect, I have never thought about or would think about returning.

“I wish my colleagues the best of luck for the European finals.”


  • giova * * * *

    I can’t stand him. I bet you come March or April he’ll have somekind of excuse to join the national team again and if I were Donadoni I would tell him where to go and how to get there. Totti will say something like I’ve been recently inspired to play international football again, or I want to win the Euro for my children or my family has encouraged me to play for my country. Whatever the excuse he should not be allowed to come back because all that will do is disturb the balance and spirit that the Azzurri have going on right now. Thank-you.

  • wolfen

    for anyone who knows about soccer….they will tell you ‘ If you have a Totti, you play him!!’, he’s one of europe’s best players, granted his character is questionable, listen I’m not Italian,but I appreciate good players, he’s the best you guys have,I still think Italy will win the Euro-cup without him and that other good defender ( can;t remember his name, I think he plays with Milan), the guy played in the world cup with one foot,once again he’s not the most likeable person, but often the great ones aren’t.

  • Tesoro

    I love Totti, he has given Italy his best and Italy has a World Cup to show for it. It’s time to move on, love him and respect his decision. Italy has no shortage of footballers.

  • VIVAzzurri

    amen to that tesoro. . . I miss him already, but nobody says you can’t keep watching Roma!

  • wolfen

    PS by the way the defender I mentioned above is Nesta (I couldn’t remember his name).

  • giova * * * *

    You all have great points and I do think Totti is a fantastic player. My point is that until Lippi came along Italian coaches would run their whole offence through Totti. If you stopped Totti, you stopped Italy. A good example of this was Trappatoni and Cesare Maldini. Then in the last Euro we were eliminated because of his frustration of not having any space or opportunities which led him to spit at another player. Once he was disqualified the national team was in disarray. They were lost. In 2006 Lippi used him in a more supportive role and let everybody contribute and it worked. If Totti couldn’t score Toni would or Delpiero, Iaquinta, Materazzi, Inzaghi, Grosso, Zambrotta etc…There is a good balance on the national team right now and if you don’t want to jump at every opportunity possible to play for your country (like Cannavarro who has over 100 caps) then you don’t deserve to play. Who does he think he is, all that skill and talent and he snubs his own country for a city. How pathetic.

  • wolfen

    I became a Roma fan last year, as I got to follow them in the champions league, even though I love Barcelona. totti is a rare player, with hardly any weak points, he is Italy’s best player since Baggio, if he played for another team he would have won the the golden ball, totti did play for his country with a real bad injury,and helped them, he obviously doesn’t care fo the new coach, as neither does Nesta, the decision to leave the national team is a tough one, but he’s benn there,done that and so on, i know that wearing your country’s jersey is and should be an honor,but if you take away his personality you have a great player, that is why every coach would change a whole team for him.remember he led the world cup in assists,scored a crucial penalty and played with one foot,as he had 4 screws in his ankle and had not played for 7 months! he wants to concentrate on Roma,let him be, Italy has plenty of talent to carry them, but don’t judge someone unless you walk in their shoes, as an outsider i’ll tell you, he’s the best player Italy has had since Roberto Baggio.Lippi used him that way, simply because he was coming off an injury, otherwise rest assure Italy would have been playing for him. I remember the first time I saw him in euro 2000, Totti was superb.

  • Blu

    They ought to have invited Paolo Di Canio to play for Euro 2008, or at least Inzaghi as one striker. That guy is a goal poacher. He’s got too many strikers that are new to the int’l game.

    They’ll win this though, if not at least get to the final. And please beat those Africans in blue jerseys good and proper.