Nowak Tells Adu: Go Dutch

D.C. United boss Peter Nowak has advised Manchester United trialist Freddy Adu to forget Old Trafford for now and spend a few seasons with an Eredivisie power.

“He’s a young kid and he needs matches,” the coach told the Guardian. “I think he should go to PSV or Ajax or somewhere they have a tradition of raising young players.”

“At a place like Ajax, the young kids come through together and they grow up together; the team is shaped around them.”

Adu has previously stated an admiration for the Amsterdam giants, but seems openly after a Premiership address for next season.

“In the biggest environment at the club with the biggest budget it will be hard for them to wait for him to develop,” opined Nowak. “I still feel he needs the minutes and the experience.”

“Does Freddy want to have to go to Watford on a rainy Wednesday where he’ll have 6’ 4” goons on his back all night? The Dutch league is a very technical league and he will be better suited for that at his age.”


  • Thomas

    I think Novak is right, he’s a brillant young rising star, and he shouldn’t have to be fighting for his position yet with the likes of ronaldo and other big names, not yet anyway, I mean rooney did it and has rised to the accassion since, but Adu is still young and has only played professional level in the US. I think the dutch league would be good for him to let him get is feet wet a little deeper into the pool. take beasley for instance MLS, and then the dutch, and I think he’s improved much more then if he would have just went to the F.A. Anyways that’s just my opinion.

  • Heath Young

    I think there is a lot of friction there between Nowak and Adu, but there is certainly some substance to his argument. Man U and Fergie have obviously shown the ability to bring along young stars Giggs, a youngster of the past, and more recently players like Ronaldo and Rooney. However, these are also players that spent considerable time in European youth development which Freddy passed on to stay in the US, so these were better prepared players to start. They are also world class players, and despite a lot of potential, Adu has not yet shown to be a world class talent at his young age like a Messi or Fabregas.

    United may well like what they see in the trial and look to sign Adu, but if it does happen, it will be with an eye to the future. There is no chance in my opinion that Freddy would see first team action anytime soon with a side like United. Lost in a shuffle of high priced talent, he would likely see a couple of years of youth/reserve action. That said, he could still benefit tremendously from the player development and resources of Man U’s system.

    The Dutch league is a viable alternative, very technical, not as physical, and known widely for youth development. It could certainly have a lot of benefits for someone like Adu, not the least of which is a better chance of survival for such a small player in the less physical league. I don’t see it as the only option though. There are certainly a lot of mid and lower table English sides that Freddy might fit into, where he would have a better chance of seeing first team action, receive solid player development and get to compete against top EPL clubs.

    The real decision comes down to: Shooting for the start a little too early perhaps, but receiving the experience and resources provided by a top club. Sacrificing a little publicity and reputation in favor of good solid training with a Dutch club. Or splitting the difference and shooting for a lesser EPL club.

    Then again, it’s entirely likely that United won’t offer anything at the end of his trial, taking that option off the table unless other top clubs come calling. Forget about Chelsea though…not an option. Just look at Sean Wright Phillips. A quality player (not quite the finisher that Adu could be, but faster and easily more advanced technically at this poitn) just languishing on the sidelines.

  • Dirk Muller

    I think it would be better for this boy to stay in the states. Now in Europe it’s difficult for a player of color to play as the crowds are ultra nationalist so it becomes very hostile for imported plares to make it there & stay focused on the pitch in games when the crowds are chanting racist slurs as well as making monkey noises. This is happening all over Europe now & will only get worse.

  • listen to me

    Does anyone know Kenny Cooper or Jon Spector both Americans who played for ManU and never made it even though they had more talent than Adu. Adu will never sign with these teams they just want to be more recongizable when they come to the U.S so they can sell more stuff it’s all a hoax and he has no potiental expect to be a good mls player

  • Heath Young

    Well, I would hardly say Jonathan Spector didn’t make it. His time at Man U actually worked out really well for him. He saw enough first team action at United to make an impression and there has been no shortage of EPL clubs courting him since. It may have not worked out in the sense that he became a first team regular and signed a big contract with United, but I’m sure he’s happy with where it has taken him at such a young age. He’s still only 20 years old.

    That said, I do see the point and agree to the extent that I don’t see Adu making a big splash at a club of that caliber. More likely spend a couple years there and move on.

    Don’t expect to see Adu in MLS past his 18th birthday though. For better or worse, he’s going abroad.

  • Keeper King

    I say Freddy Adu from my standpoint should try to go pro in England even if it is a team such as Bolton. Then he can get a feel for the English game and eventually work his way up to Man. U.

  • Fat Brian Moony

    Eddy Fradu is pretty good at diving. He’s no spectacular spetacle. Happy Holiday’s Ladies.

  • Kieth Old

    From where i’m standing, I think Freddy Adu should’t try to go pro in England. He should try second division soccer in Venezuela. Then he can get a real grab of the game and move his way up to Caracas in the first Division. Then he will be making the big bucks. Who knows, maybe one day he could play for the star packed Blackburn in England. One can only dream.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think freddie should go anywhwre right now in a couple of years the dutch leageue might be good for him then he can play for a big club But fat brian moony is wrong who would go to ven