O’Brien: Ireland Call Can Wait

Toronto FC winger Ronnie O’Brien claims international play is not a priority of his, but admits he could answer Ireland boss Steve Staunton’s call at another time.

The flank threat begged out of a recent summons to continue regaining full fitness from a knee injury.

“I know a lot of players have aspirations to play on their national teams, but they haven’t called me in for a long time so I don’t hold out hope for it,” O’Brien told Soccernet. “I’m just happy playing club football.”

“People are going to think it’s strange, but it’s the way I’ve always been.”

“I’m just coming back off an injury,” he asserted. “It just came at the wrong time.”


  • Everybody

    I don’t care.

  • wolfen

    Why are all these players turning their backs on the national teams???(Totti,Nesta,Giggs etc.) as a player the national team should be an HONOR!!!!.