Old Lady Deny Blanc's Comments On Lippi

Juventus have insisted that comments attributed to Jean-Claude Blanc over talks with Marcelo Lippi are false.

There had been comments attributed to Blanc claiming that talks to bring Lippi back to Juventus were already underway, and that the Turin bosses were waiting for a response.

‘Corriere della Sera’, ‘La Repubblica’ and ‘La Stampa’ had all quoted Blanc as saying: “We want Lippi to be part of our project, it doesn’t matter in which role, either as a coach or a technical director.

“He must tell us what he wants. We have decided to wait ten days to have a response; in the meantime we have already programmed some interviews with other coaches.”

However, the club have released an official statement saying: “Juventus wish to highlight the fact that Jean-Claude Blanc never released the statement on the club’s future coach which was reported by the Press this evening.”

Marcello Lippi has also quickly insisted that there wan no truth in the reported contacts.

“I have already said that I will not start working again for a few more months,” he clarified on Italian television. The latest stories are groundless, especially as if the club want me then they would need to ask me directly.”


  • Tesoro

    The media simply stiring the pot. I have no doubt that Lippi will be in Juve’s future but not the immediate future.