Pastorino Aims To Keep Adu Real

Real Salt Lake general manager Steve Pastorino knows the giants of Europe are watching, but says he intends to have Freddy Adu wearing the team’s shirt for as long as he can.

The US wonder boy arrived in a trade from D.C. United over the weekend.

“Freddy is a dynamic, brilliant young player who is going to have some opportunities overseas,” Pastorino told reporters.

“We just hope that we can postpone those a little while and that you can bring a couple of championships here to RSL first before you go anywhere.”

Concluded Pastorino, “We wouldn’t have entered into this transaction without the belief that Freddy is going to be a part of this organization for quite a while to come.”


  • Anonymous

    ADU should play in the mexican league because hes garbage

  • dilon

    send him to south america, let him play with the brasilians

  • Anonymous

    Adu hasn’t proven himself to be good enough to play anywhere besides MLS…and even then he’s mostly a non-factor. Granted, the kid has a lot of expectations put on him because of the media, but he’s going to need a lot more maturity and strength before anyone seriously considers him as a threat.

  • Tesoro

    Good Luck;Adu is gone as soon as he turns 18 and the transfer window opens. The best young talent in MLS plays for NY Red Bulls and his name is Josmer let’s worry abouy how we’re going to keep him.

  • Heath Young

    I agree with you about Jozy Altidore. He’s looked very promising over the MLS season. However, I don’t think we should be worrying at all about how we’re going to keep him if you mean keep him in MLS. If you are referring to his dual nationality, that’s a valid point, though I wouldn’t be too worried about him choosing to play for Haiti.

    As for keeping him in MLS, I hope we don’t. MLS is giving a great boost to the player pool here in the states, but I still want to see our most promising players go to Europe. As much as I love that MLS has become a viable league and is improving, it would be a hinderance to the development of a young player like Altidore to stay in MLS. It’s tough to say he should go to Europe now when he’s too young to sign a pro contract there, because it’s a tough sell to say a young player would be better off in a European academy for a couple of years than playing first team matches in MLS. However, when he’s 18, I hope to see him pack his bags and head across the pond so he can get the best player development possible.