Poll: Who will be eliminated?

Which big time European power is most likely to find itself out of Champions League play next week?

Will favorite Barcelona crash to Benefica? Can Juventus overcome Arsenal’s two goal advantage? Can AC Milan find the net against a tough Lyon side? Will Inter hold its slim 2-1 margin in Spain?


  • howser

    Juve won’t go down without a fight, but theey have 3 suspended players… the hole is too deep. I think AC Milan goes down too. it will be an interesting semifinals with Barca, Arsenal, Lyon, Inter

  • maxwell

    i think AC will move onto the semi’s, there just a better team then Lyon. It doesn’t really matter who wins between Inter and villareal leg because both team will get killed in the semis. I say Arsenal will win it all, they’re playing incredibly pretty soccer.

  • asrenal90

    juventus wont make it because arsenal is here to play and wont give up. they are playing without two big defensive powers, campbell and lauren, and they were still able to contain juve.i think juve thought this was going to be a easy win but arsenal came to play.i think the next game will be a good one since juve knows wants coming.ac milan had an off game but i think they will win the second leg 2-0 and barca the same.

  • Oliver

    Inter would not only keep it’s advantage but they would increase it and villareal would get eliminated, then there’s milan who would find the net, and take Lyon out of the picture. Juventus it’s done for half of their players are out of the next game, and without their goal scores all Arsenal has to do is play like in their first leg. While Barcelone seems to have been played out, and the only one who can help them is Messi, unless that happens Benefica would take down another favorite.

  • Barcafan7

    Barca is going to be the European chanpion! They arent going any where. Juve, underestimated Arsenal and will lose again, in the second leg. So in my eyes you can say good bye to Juve.

  • dude

    Arsenal is not going down with out a fight but personally I think Barca is going to take it but Arsenal might get on a role and go all the way.

  • josh

    i think that arsenal will win it all they are a great team and i think people underestimated them because of their poor league play. they still dont have ashley cole or campbell and they are still doing a great defensive job so i think arsenal will win the whole thing

  • Nedim Dedic

    I think that Manchester is going to lose and
    that Chelsea will wim EVERYTHING

  • Ulric

    I think Barcelona and Arsenal will reach the championship game. Both sides play very well and it would guarantee a beautiful final match.

  • John

    I do not believe Chelsea will win it all this year, althought they are having a great year. Manchester will also lose out. Should be an interesting Champions League.

  • Richard

    I think juve will get eliminated
    arsenal is showing them whos boss
    juve thought it was going to be an easy win

    barcelona is going to take the hole thing
    they just need too work better as a team and put the ball in the back of the net

  • samir

    I think that barca or inter will be in the finals of the champions league because no other player is better than the two brasilian Adriano and Ronaldino and either of the two will be the champion.

  • max

    germany is going to win the world cup

  • ping y.

    Juve will die go Barcelona and AC Milan and Arsenal so bring it on! FO’ SHIZAL

  • geese

    Manchester shall win and besides they waste Cheslse because chelse stinks so bad it’s not even funny, and the oly reason that they win so much is because they CHEAT ya, so bad there hole team should be ejected. SO GO MANCHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nico

    I believe that AJAX Amsterdam will not play Champions L ….next season. they are in despirate need for a few wingers and strickers.( possible change of coach…)

    OH …and Holland will win the WK this time……Van basten is an excellent coach…with a young team that has great potential

  • soccerboi

    Barcelona all the way!! With thier power offense no one si going to stop them.

  • crush32

    I think that juve will defeat arsenal in the champions league final, meaning that barca and ac milan will also be defeated by these teams.

  • open your eyes!

    First of all, there’s no way juve will face arsenal in the final, b/c one of them will be eliminated Wednesday. Second, juve is gonna down. The word is Del Piero is out now with injury — add that to Vieira and two other starters out with suspension, juve is down two goals. They are gone. Gunners will roll on a 4-1 agg. Bank on it.

  • eric

    I wouldn’t count Juve out quite yet! Sure the odds are stacked against them, but their playing at home, and that can make a huge difference. If they don’t they don’t manage to pull themselves out of this pit, then Barca will go all the way for sure!


    Barcelona will win because they frekin have Rolidionho and rolidinho can do kong fu so watch out or it’s you and Rolidiho in the game.

  • Mitch

    Barcelona will defiantely win the Champions League. Ronlidhino can school anybody and Deco and Guily can back him up. They will breeze through the competition.

  • matt

    ronaldinho will carry barca all the way.