Quarterfinals now set; Which club will raise the trophy?

The Champions League quarterfinals draw is now set. Defending champs Liverpool have been ousted, as have the top England club, Chelsea. So what are your picks for the semifinals and who will win it all later this year?

Here is the quarterfinals draw:

(games scheduled for March 28th, April 5th)
Arsenal v. Juventus
Benifica v. Barcelona

(games scheduled for March 29th, April 4th)
Inter Milan v. Villarreal
Lyon v. AC Milan

Who do you like?


  • kicks22

    I can’t see anybody stopping Barcelona right now, especially Benefica. I’d be shocked if they weren’t in the final game.

    And I think the three Italian clubs will advance to the semi’s. Has that ever happened before?

  • woodsoc

    Arsenal all the way….no way one of the Italian clubs wins. The Italian’s will have plenty to celebrate on 7.9.06

  • bundeb0y10

    I think it’s going to be Arsenal v. Barca in the final, and that will be an excellent final, no matter who you support. I agree with kicks that Barca looks like its on a roll, and i agree with woodsoc that the Italians are probably not going to do very well.

  • soccer22

    Don’t count out Benfica just yet… Barca is obviously the favorite but Benfica knocked out Liverpool the defending uefa champions!

  • owamani moses

    its very suprising at this stage.i see arsenal vs barc for the finals.however there will be some irreguralities,soccer is football arsenal could give birth without going through theater.

  • apparrattus

    although i’m not a terrbily huge fan of Lyon, I think that they might suprise us. they play an interesting syle of football, and though they have lost points in ligue 1, if they play as well as they did in the group stage, there is no reason why they should not make it to the final.

  • Zizou

    Arsenal were a joy to watch against Real Madrid. I fancy them to go on, perhaps to the final. Barca always seem to turn on the gas when they need it – they look like clear favorites. And I second the above: don’t count out Lyon, they are a quality team – I would bet on them over AC Milan.

  • Versau

    As sad as I am to write this, I feel an Italian sweep during quaterfinals. In the end, Juventus will take it all!! Sad because Italians do not display an attractive and entertaining style of soccer, but happy in the meantime cuz Barca will be in there for the Finals against Juventus!!

  • ArseneW

    While you might think i’m crazy, or maybe its because of march madness, i think its gonna be arsenal beating Lyon in the finals. The Gunners are in great from and so is lyon. Barca isn’t at their best right now. When it gets to the final however, Lyon’s defenders have no answer for Henry or for the Gunner Attack. Vive le Gunners.

  • Flashman

    Of course Mourino is bad for English football, him and all the other foreigners who have allowed the tolerence for diving (hell, they even coach diving now!), not calling fouls on one’s self (come on Drogba, if after the game you can admit it was handball, why not when you did it??)… and demonstrative play-acting to the cameras and refs..it’s just not, well, British… so while the foreign influence has brought great skill and athletes to the game, the spirit of the english game, joy, honour, team spirit (with a nod to Cantona’s ad’s),and hard, clean tackles is no longer the characteristic of top class English leagues… and unless the ruling bodies and refs get around to dealing with this ‘cheating’ it we’ll never see how ‘beautiful’ the game can be again!

  • Roberto Mancini

    Forza Inter!

  • chelseafan

    well, i would say juve but arsenal won the first game, barcas gonna beat benifica, inter will beat villareal, and lyon will probabaly beat ac. its gonna be barca and lyon in the final and itll be a great game, i would vote for barca but they beat chelsea. that red card was wack

  • rennes’awesome

    Umm..yea, im French, so…im rooting 4 Lyon.Barca’ so gonna kick Benfica’s butt. Inter gonna win.Arsenal…win.I prefer Juve,but Arsenal won 2-0.I agree with chelseafan dude.qll the way man.

  • chelseafan

    hey arsenw if u have such a problem with mourinho, what are you doing supporting wenger. hes no better. i think ur problem with mourinho is that hes leading the runaway premiership leaders while arsenal is struggling for a champion’s league spot.

  • chelseafan

    oops, rong person, lol

  • konah

    i can’t see anybody stopin barcelona right now. Barcelona is a club that has great potentials. I come against all injuries against barcelona players. I love my African brother Samuel Eto. I wish you guys the best of luck this season.

  • erv

    im very positive that barca is going to beat benfica, but i dont know if they will have enough to beat ac milan in the semis. ac milas has been in the last two finals and it will take barca a lot to beat them with all of their injuries; the onlt way they can do it if messi is back. lets be honest messi is the next soccer star if he is not already. in the othe leg is going to be arsenal, they are playng some inspirirng futbol

  • Ari Ben Cannan

    Baca is great just my winners believe you me they’ll take it all. Juventus might win this they can’t be underated. Lyon will suffer defeat and inter will give them hell. Barca is the TEAM.Trust ME.

  • Ari Ben Cannan

    Barca is the TEAM. Watch it! Dinho is the man,men. He’ll give them hell in the most social way.