Raul: "Not Competitive Enough"

Raul indicated that they were once again found wanting on the big stage. His team might have shaded possession, indicated Raul, but France created the chances and clearly were superior.

Raul believes that the lack of competitiveness was a key factor in the elimination of Spain by France.

“We were back to not knowing how to compete,” he said. “We had worked to be able to defeat France, but they have been superior. We have had possession, but rarely created chances,” he continued.

While hugely disappointed, Raul also gave credit to the French for being the better team on the night: “When you are out after so many expectations, it is always very disappointing. But France have played well and won, so it is important to congratulate them.”

The skipper then indicated that his young team must learn from the mistakes, and come good next time: “This is a young group, and next time, we must have learnt from things that did not go well today, and make them better.

Going back to the match, he said: “The goal by them in the first half (the equalizer) has been the key,” as it gave hope to the French heading into the break, and snatched the momentum from Spain.


  • Pepin

    Spain Rocks and France did not play better.

    Spain should be playing tomorrow..not France.

    Viva Espana