Real Boss Schuster Blasts Barca

Bernd Schuster believes that Barcelona have treated their star players badly for the last 30 years. The Real Madrid coach feels that the club’s current treatment of Ronaldinho echoes the way in which he was forced out of Camp Nou during the 1980s.

The German had spent eight years in Catalunya, but after his form dipped he received widespread criticism and subsequently moved on to Real.

Schuster admits that he sympathises with the Brazilian’s current situation and cannot understand why the club have turned their back on a player who has brought them so much success.

“It is very unjust. They are doing the same thing to Ronaldinho as they did to me,” he told AS.

“It is not difficult to forget that all the best players that have played there in the last 30 years have all left via the back door.

“Ronaldinho has been great, he changed their fortunes and helped Barca win the Champions League and two league titles. What more do they want from him?

“The worst thing is knowing how things are done at Barca and that he is not the first and will not be the last to receive this treatment.

“I really feel for him.

“I am not going to deny that his level has dropped in the past few months, but at his age it is ridiculous to say that he is finished.”

He added: “The best players are the ones that give you identity and people should remember that.

“But I insist that I remember from my time there how I left and other famous players were treated.

“Nobody ended their time there well and our exit was ugly. It is unusual and of course it is not the fault of the fans as they seem to understand.”


  • stephen

    I don’t know the deal with Ronnie now at Barca, but it seems to me that everyone is being treated fairly well.

  • giova * * * *

    The countdown to Ronnie going to AC Milan has started.

  • your hero

    Ronnie you da man. I think that Ronnie should just get his butt out of Barca and head on over to FC Porto

  • Phil from the states

    I agree with schuster and it sounds like real is interented

  • soccerdrnyc

    ok now listen you all this is barca who schuster think he is .just mind his own problem at real . they are very lucky so faw
    man look at the zara game lucky lucky .
    ronnie bags of tricks all of spain knows it now so aC milan can have him GIOVA,

  • Keith Whitfield

    Ronaldhinio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the true artist of the game. It sounds to me like he is not comfortable in barcelona any more hence his declining form! He should go somewere he is greatly needed and appreciated and his form will flourish to such great heights.

  • Marin Jurado

    I think Ronaldinho should indeed move somewhere he is needed and happy. Of course if he isnt happy he wont be playin great. Look at Drogba, he’s miserable with Chelsea, and his performance shows it as well.