Real Madrid Deny Mourinho Interest

Real Madrid sporting director has denied speculation that Los Merengues are looking at Jose Mourinho to replace Fabio Capello.

Jose Mourinho’s future at Stamford Bridge has become a matter of intense speculation in recent times.

While the official version remains that both parties want to continue their association, the grapevine suggests that either Mourinho, or Abramovich, will decide to call time by the summer.

Inter Milan were the first club to be linked with the former Porto coach, but Mancini’s winning run has helped cool those rumours down.

Real Madrid have been the latest club linked, with reports suggesting that he will replace Fabio Capello at the Bernabeu.

However, sporting director Pedja Mijatovic denied any such move was being considered.

“I know Mourinho has been mentioned,” he told Sky Sports News. “I also know Del Bosque has been mentioned. However, what I know for sure is that our coach is Fabio Capello, and we are happy with him.

“All this talk of new signings, players leaving, new coaches, is just made up by some journalists, and I don’t think it is very important.”


  • Geoff Tate

    I hope Mourinho stays at Chelsea & keeps his stench there in London. Mourinho looks like a low level hood that has not taken a shower in about a weeks time. Dispite the problems Real Madrid have been having they are still a great side with so much history. They look to be on the mend as they did two things right. They unloaded Beckham & Ronaldo & thats a very good thing.Whats going on in soccer now is not too good. The reason so many top teams seem to be on again, off again, hot & cold is because nobody. Players & managers alike seem to stay with one club for very long. If a club wants to reach the top they need to have a good sound manager with a core group of good players & tough it out. They have to go back to the old days where a side of players at a club stays together for years in order to be able to work like a well oiled machine. You cant expect a club to do well if you have players & managers alike coming & going through a revolving door. It just doesn’t work.

  • Sam Adams

    Yes! The unclean one should stay at Chelsea.

  • Cooper

    Yes he should stay there & count his dirty Russian Mafia FSB money.



  • giova * * * *

    he should coach the Portugal national team–but he wont

  • Sam Adams

    He should go back to Portugal & stay there. Also he needs to take a shower once in a while. The guy always looks like he’s slept in his clothes!