Real on Verge of Ruud Deal

Real Madrid and Manchester United have agreed on a 15 million Euro deal according to Spanish daily AS.

Real Madrid had made a 15 million Euro offer yesterday, which Manchester United have accepted, despite earlier indications that they were planning to hold out for a higher sum.

Reports indicate the Dutch international, 30, will arrive in Madrid this evening, and is set to sign a three year deal worth 15 million Euros after tomorrow’s medical.

However, The Sun reports that Tottenham Hotspur have sized up a swap deal to land Ruud. Tottenham would send Michael Carrick, the midfielder so highly coveted by United, the other way.

Van Nistelrooy would be Real Madrid’s third big signing within a week, after Cannavaro and Emerson, if the Spanish giants are able to pip Tottenham to the deal.


  • yoyo

    This deal is so typical that it’s boring. I think the Cannavaro and Emerson are much bigger signings for Real. This v.Nistelrooy deal will be underwhelming as usual.

  • bredred

    ur jokeing no one is better when it comes down to scoring goals than ruud he is 1 of the greatest goal scorers of all time. plus cannavaro and emerson only have a couple more yrs left and will definately not be at their best at madrid

  • john

    bredred, ruud is not very young either. i dont think he will have much of an impact at real.

  • Brandon

    Rudd will have a huge impact, he is one of the purest strikers in the world. At age 30 he still has a few more years left, and their is no doubt in my mind, he will continue to be one of the top scorers in europe. Watch out for mardrid to be a real contender for the spanish lega and champions league as well.

  • luis

    i think v.nistlerooy made a good move hell enjoy scoring with real madrid he is stil 1 of the top strikers in europe

  • Matt

    Ruud is not going to be a big impact player. He is not one of the purest finishers in the world, that title belongs to Thierry Henry. Besides, Ruud is very tempermental and Madrid has a roster that is stacked so he may not even start every game. It seems like too big of a risk for Ruud if he goes to Madrid, let alone it being a risk for Madrid itself by bringing on a 30 year old striker for that much money. Ruud, go to Tottenham.

  • Brandon

    Ruud is one of the purist finishers in the world, I didn’t say he was the best striker in the world. Arguably yeah id say henry is the best striker in the world, but you can’t take away the fact that ruud will put just about any loose ball away in the box. He is a lazy player no doubt about it, but he scores goals in big games. And if you team him up with a fast striker like robihno it could be a deadly combonation. Their is way he will be a risk, he scores goals, its not like he has to play defense. Now thats what was a risk for madrid until they picked up probably the best player at the world cup.