Real Turn Focus To MLS Season

With a new stadium at least temporarily off the docket, Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts says he hopes the fans will simply go about the business of supporting the team during 2007 MLS games.

The stadium project was denied $30 million in finding by Sandy County this week.

“We have a season ahead of us that’s very exciting,” Checketts told Deseret News. “Our fan base is pretty strong and pretty excited, and I hope they can look past this and let me deal with (the stadium).”

“And they can get into (Rice-Eccles) stadium and get ready to cheer the team because this is going to be a very good club this year.”


  • Grady

    Well he need not worry too much. At least when Hollywood’s new power couple from hell Mr & Mrs Tom & David cruise roll into town with Los Angeles he will have a good turnout to watch the freak show!

  • Samoth

    Very funny but very true!

  • Anonymous


  • Reggie Bannister

    Jelous of what? A country thats on borrowed time? Enjoy America while it last …Anonymous.

  • Francisco Martinez

    If MLS want more fans,they should throug a lot of comercials interesting as nike thoes with Ronaldinho doing a bounch of tricks and adidas which is the MLS official sponsor should start doing the same thing to promoat U.S. Soccer,I never seen ‘ADIDAS’ comercials of soccer all I’v seen is football and basketball.