Real Waiting To Raid Juventus

According to Real Madrid’s FIFA emissary, the club are posied to go Galactico shopping if Serie A power Juventus are relegated due to their role in the recent wiretap scandal.

Ernesto Bronzetti told Guerin Sportivo that the Merengues would, at the very least, chase after Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gianluca Zambrotta.

“Zambrotta is one of the best wingers around and should he become available in the market, then Real Madrid will do everything possible to sign him,” he revealed. “Ibrahimovic is a player that Real have liked for a long time.”

“We will be following the Juventus situation very closely, as many of their stars said they would leave should the club be relegated.”

Bronzetti also disclosed that they could turn to JUve manager Fabio Capello – or even a certain departing England coach.

“Fabio Capello would also be very welcome here at Madrid,” he stated. “We have a very good list with some big names on it, including the experienced Sven Goran Eriksson.”


  • ForzaItalia

    The more things change the more they stay the same. Why is it that Real always feels like the more players they add, the better they will be. How about getting rid of overrated players like Roberto Carlos, Salgado, Helguera, Beckham, Graveson, Woodgate. Bringing in REAL defenders who can actually mark & tackle would be the place to start.

  • Anonymous

    Word the Phukk up man. When will they learn that having a ton of stars will not get them trophies.

  • matt

    what they really need is a center mid to replace zidane….if that is possible

  • Maestro10

    real madrid needs to sale players like RONALDO yes RONALDO right now he’s showing no strengths.they need players that wine about playing time or cause they’re uncommfortable with the team.BECKHAM is another he should go back manchester united thats his team.REAL MADRID NEEDS TO GET RID OF ALL THE DEFENDERS EXCEPT CICINHO AND ROBERTO CARLOS.

  • playa 101

    real madrid juss needs to step it up, and quit stackin papers, cuz dem stars are gon get tired of da team real fast, since they dnt even start, what they need is a mid fielder dats as raw as zidane, if dats even possible.

  • Balooga

    I say the problem with Madrid is that they have too many famous people. When you get too many stars that think they are the best the do not work together. They do not pass or co-operate that is what I believe is the problem.

  • ForzaItalia

    I totally agree and I think the same thing will start to happen at Chelsea.

  • jano el potro

    What Real needs to do is get a coach who can put these players to work and show these guys if they were the best players they supposely appear to be then they would championships. it is never the players fault it’s the man behind it all. Real needs that one key factor player that could hold and be the leader of this team. But make no doubt about they need to bring a player that could replace Zidane

  • Anonymous

    Sven Goran Eriksson, with a list of overrated past their prime, superstars bogged by their wags, a perfect formula for Real to be thrown out of the league.