Reds get revenge on Arsenal with Crouch triple

Liverpool, England (Sports Network) – Peter Crouch made quite a return to the Liverpool lineup on Saturday at Anfield as the lanky English striker scored three goals to lead the Reds to a 4-1 win over Arsenal.

The win moves Liverpool past the Gunners and into third place in the Premiership standings. It also serves as a little bit of revenge for Rafael Benitez’s side, who were soundly beaten in their three previous games against Arsenal this season.

Crouch opened the scoring after just four minutes, and added his second goal 10 minutes before halftime. Daniel Agger then gave the home side a three-goal cushion with his tally in the 60th minute. William Gallas pulled a goal back for Arsenal in the 73rd, but Crouch answered that by completing his hat-trick in the 81st.

Jermaine Pennant and Alvaro Arbeloa worked a nice one-two on the right side before Arbeloa took the return pass and sent in a cross from the end-line. Crouch beat Arsenal defender Kolo Toure to the near post and struck the ball first-time past keeper Jens Lehmann.

Liverpool then made the most of a free-kick chance in the 35th to double its lead. Xabi Alonso alertly played a quick free-kick wide to Fabio Aurelio, who took possession of the ball before swinging in a cross. Crouch got on the other end of the cross and held off Arsenal’s Abou Diaby to head the ball home, giving the Reds a 2-0 lead at halftime.

Emmanuel Adebayor nearly cut the Arsenal deficit in half shortly after the restart, but his rocket from 25-yards out came back off the post.

In the 60th minute Liverpool once again made the most of a free-kick chance with Aurelio’s cross finding the head of Agger, whose glancing header beat the diving Lehmann to make it 3-0.

Three minutes later, Adebayor was denied once again, this time on a fine save by Liverpool keeper Jose Reina. The Gunners did find their way onto the scoreboard 10 minutes later, with Francesc Fabregas sending his corner into the box and Toure flicking the ball on for Gallas, who easily finished the play at the back post.

The day belonged to Crouch, however, and he found his third goal 10 minutes from time. Nice work by Pennant and Dirk Kuyt gave the ball to Crouch inside the area, and he made a neat move to create space before firing past Lehmann to complete his hat-trick.

In other Premiership action on Saturday, Manchester United maintained its six- point advantage with a 4-1 win over Blackburn, while Chelsea needed a goal from Salomon Kalou in stoppage time to slip past last-placed Watford 1-0.

Bolton got a goal from Kevin Davies to beat Sheffield United 1-0, while Charlton also scored the lone goal in its match with Wigan, off the foot of Darren Bent. Fulham got a stoppage-time goal from Ian Pearce to earn a 1-1 draw with Portsmouth, Manchester City got a goal from Emile Mpenza to beat Newcastle 1-0 at St James’ Park and West Ham got a huge 2-0 win against Middlesbrough.

Sunday’s lone fixture features top-half clubs Tottenham and Reading and the weekend’s action rounds out on Monday with Aston Villa hosting Everton.


  • john

    i think the result of this game was determined by the experience of liverpool and the lack of experience from arsenal

  • Scotty

    More than likely your right. Arsenal if they keep the same key group of players’ will be onto great things in the future as time is on their side. When you consider how young of a squad they have & they are ranked far up in the Premiership tha say’s alot. Liverpool have so many class players. When you look at Crouch at first glance you think …Nah! This guy can’t be a good player! Reality is for a tall lanky guy he’s very good & has quick feet for a tall guy. Liverpool have a good side this year & I’m not surprised they took out Barcelona in Champions’ League play.

  • Keeeper King

    You are right Scotty. I think Arsenal will rule once they start getting some more experience. It is kind of like how the U.S.A. was in the World Cups before 2002. They were a very young team but they did well in 2002.

  • Scotty

    Yeah King, you know nine out of ten times I’d rather watch a Premiership match than any other kind of match league wise. The Premiership is the best league in the world to play club soccer in. All the best players’ have their sights set on going their to play. Spain draws good crowds, so does Germany but still Premiership games draw the largest crowds every single week. The rest of Europe except for Spain & Germany play to small crowds in old tired looking stadiums. For the best player wages, the best stadiums to play in & most important the best crowds, the Premiership is the ticket!

  • Tim Cullen

    The Premiership is the best league in the world!

  • linnaker

    English league blows! Its so rough and ugly. The poetic free flowing football game is absent in the epl. It is just fugly. Spain is a good league to watch, second would be Italy. I would rather see Barca vs. Madrid or Milan vs. Inter than say Manchester United vs. Russia, err…I mean Chelsea. An epl game looks more like a rugby game than a football game. Most goals in England are scored by fluke or a deflection or an ugly slide in. In Spain you see gorgeous goals in almost every game. I woul rather see River Plate vs. Boca Juniors instead of Liverpool vs. Russia err…I mean Chelsea.

  • giova * * * *

    wow, and some people thought I was hard on England. I kind of know what your saying Lin, about the roughness but it’s not that bad. I mean I’ll take in a Liverpool/Man U game anyday. You’re right though about watching Barcelona against Real Madrid or Inter against Milano before an English game. That’s just my preference though. Different people have different opinions and preferences. That’s just the way it is. Nobodys right or wrong or better, it’s just what you like and that’s it.

  • Scotty

    I see your posting & agreeing with yourself again giova. Too funny. EPL is indeed a rough league but it is also fast paced. A player can have the best skills on earth & it looks great when he or she has less skilled players’ coming against him or her. It’s quite another thing when your in a fast paced situation like the EPL. Liverpool,one of the rough kick & run team’s out classed Barcelona in Champions League & now they move on & Barcelona, well, they are out. Funny how you like to incite arguements with kids’. Try developing some wit next time.

  • Spivey Point

    Are you guys’ kidding? EPL is a bad league? Very funny. Look I’m from Brazil so it’s only natural I prefer the South American (Brazil) Style of playing as it’s full of life & very creative but there is nothing wrong with English soccer. 20 years ago, yes, English soccer had many problems kind of like what’s going on in Italy now but it has improved in England since then leaps & bounds! The EPL is the league to play in for top profssional players. Most of the teams’ in the Premiership have built larger stadiums to handle the increased flow of fans’ as the game there demands larger venues. They have big stadiums in Spain as well but only for the big teams like Barca & Madrid & in Italy most games don’t even come close to selling out. I’ve been to games in all these countries including my own & I have to admit all fail to compare with the experience of gong to a Premiership game as there’s nothing like it in the world. ManU,Arsenal,Liverpool, & Chelsea all have beautiful stadiums that are always sold out. Top quality pitche’s for the players’ in top quality state of the art stadiums for the fans’ Nothing like it! Sad to say it’s no longer the same in Spain, Italy, & even my own country Brazil. With the EPL the English have reivented themselves as far as professional club soccer goes. It’s the ultimate proving ground for a profrssional player,the place to play & be.

  • giova * * * *

    Scotty, that’s what you do. Why are you always accusing me of doing what you do? Just like a foolish 16 year old.

  • giova * * * *

    Spivey…I didn’t say the English league was bad I just said that I would prefer to watch Italian or Spanish soccer, it’s my preference as a soccer fan, that’s all. Linaker was a little harsh on the English though. What’s funny is that I didn’t bash anybody and just stated what I liked and I still get crap from the kid.

  • Santiago

    I also think people shouldn’t make things so personal here & bring race into what is in reality a game loved by millions. Picking arguements with youngsters is also not a sign of being a mature adult. Spivey did you see the Liverpool-Arsenal match? It was a good one. Liverpool really have so many fine players but I think the youthful side of Arsenal deserves credit as dispite their young age they are already a very good side that will only get better if they stick together.

  • Kerry Tranberg

    Liverpool look good at the moment. I think they are in third place right now so Chelsea & United better hope they don’t slip up in this final run towards the championship for the Premiership. Hat’s off to Arsenal though. For a young squad they show a lot of class & talent & I also think time is on their side.

  • soccer dr nyc

    fast epl game in england but when it comes to
    euro 2008 that fast foolish running game reflect england it not working too predictable
    other team too smart so epl not the best .
    barce ball on a string count keep counting.
    i was in germany this summer england and hollan for the world cup hollan is nice red light district and in germany the repavaan in hamburg .so you see i know where about soccer

  • soccer dr nyc

    well i took time off from work to watch soccer
    but pool got lucky once more cl .
    my goodness so lucky psv players got hurt alex now 2more key players .

  • Scotty

    Have you ever looked at your post nyc? I mean really looked at them? In a game there is no such thing as lucky. Two teams step upon the field. The game goes back & fourth & at the end of 90 mintues unless there is a draw one team wins & one team will lose. That’s pretty much how it is, plain & simple. If you dislike Liverpool then don’t post to a story where the topic is Liverpool.

  • Keeeper King

    Peter Crouch is sweeeeeeeeeeet! My friend kind of looks like him. I like to do bicycle kicks with my friend. Like Peter Crouch.

  • Keeeper King

    When I grow up I am going to play for Tottenham in England and we are going to be sweet. I am going to play Keeper and score like two Hail Marys everygame.

  • Kerry Tranberg

    Liverpool 3 PSV 0 !!!

    dr nyc, were Liverpool as you would say …Lucky again???

  • Ghost Rider

    Some people are suggesting the caliber of play in the League is reflected in the national team. If that’s the case, Spain should have won the World Cup at least once. I’m a big fan of Italian Soccer. I watched Roma/Milan last weekend, half the stadium was empty. There is nothing quite like the passion and atmosphere of the Premier League.

  • Santiago

    20 years ago the situation with soccer in England was very bad. It was a mere ghost of it’s former self. They have reinvented themselves with the EPL. It’s a great place to go see a game now & they sell out every week, even in the lower divisions. The English FA 20 years ago took a long hard look at the problems that faced them & fixxed it! As for the national team, well, that’s another story. Lot’s of problems there & hate to say it but politics involved as there are some players’ on the squad that have no business being there.

  • Stanley

    Liverpool’s victory over PSV had nothing to do with luck at all. They controled the game from begining to end & PSV other than the odd shot here & there were never really in the running. Three away goals for the POOLIES! Just great! Four away goals for PSV in game two? …I think not:)