Reports: Henry To Sign With Barcelona

Spanish news outlets are reporting Friday that longtime Arsenal star Thierry Henry has agreed to a four-year deal with Barcelona.

The 29-year-old French striker has been a Gunner since 1999, setting a club-record 226 goals in 364 appearances. Henry won two EPL titles and four FA Cups during his stint with the London club, but never hoisted a European trophy. He looks set to continue that quest with La Liga’s 2007 runners-up and 2006 European Champions.


  • soccer dr nyc

    this will not help put us out of the hurting and pain that they cause let real mad win liga. it almost send me to mental hospital
    thank god for boca on 6/20/07 for copa it save my life. barce st..k messi and ronnie should leave these fools giving beckham a sending away present iam so mad sick hurting
    so i am moving to juve , i have already burned my barce jersy caps every thing .

  • yoyo

    Soccer doc, I don’t know if this is the time to jump off the Barça bandwagon. Barça would now have Ronaldihno, Henry, Eto’o AND Messi, plus Deco, Saviola, Gudjohnsen, Xavi, Iniesta, Giuly. (They can’t possibly keep all of those guys, could they?)

    Barcelona could start Ronaldinho beside Messi in the attacking midfield and Eto’o and Henry up top? Sounds like a goal scoring machine. Could it actually work, or will it fizzle like Ballack and Shevchenko at Chelsea?

  • Vintersorg

    Having a squad loaded with many stars doesnt mean that team will win everything. They have been loaded with stars this past season & look what happened.

  • arse

    arsenal is going to suck now and barcelona are going to wreck. messi ronaldinho henry and eto’o thats a a killer offense

  • Dave

    Yeah its bad for Arsenal if its true but who knows whats true about all this? If it is well yeah dudes of course it will make this cup more dangerous up front but it does not mean they will win everything thats for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Barca can’t possibly keep eveyone happy. There are too many playmakers. Everyone of them will want the the ball constantly ( Messi, Ronnie, Eto’o, Guily, Iniesta, Deco, AND NOW Henry).

    Honestly I think this means the end for Eto’o at Barca. He’ll probably end up at AC Milan, Man U, or Liverpool.

  • Keeeper King

    Aresenal is not going to suck now look at how they made it through the end of the season without Henry they have a bunch of young talent and they are going to do well in the next few years. Barcelona isn’t going to do better because Henry is only one person and one person should not make a whole team you don’t need a bunch of stars you need chemistry to win.

  • Dave

    Yo King, if thats the case then why was Arsenal knocked out of the CL & why didn’t they win the Premiership? They ave a good team but are nothing special. They are average at best in the Premiership & below average in CL play boy!!!

  • bredred

    Its absolutley astonishing!! I can’t believe Henry would go. I guess I have to go back on what I said about him being to old for a move. But yoyo I agree with your proposition for Barca’s attack. It will undoubtably be a great partnership Eto’o and Henry! Almost as good as Yorke and Cole HaHa. Real better sign Kaka or they won’t have a chance at a repeat

  • Keeeper King

    Kaka should go to Newcastle United.

  • Keeeper King

    Henry and Gianluigi Buffon should go to Newcastle United also.

  • simpleplayz

    everyone is jumpin to conclusion, we are tryin to predict what would be the outcome with Barca and Aresenal let time takes it course and let see what happen. only the best will survive!!!!

  • Dave

    King you must have been dropped on your head when you were a young kid which was about a day ago. Dude! Henry & Buffon go to Newcastle? Are you mental dude? Both of them are still very much world class players on top of their game dude! Newcastle is lucky they are even playing in the Premiership dude! Kaka at Newcastle? Dang dude! I’m gonna have to talk to ur mommy & tell her to cut you off all the sugar & sweets!

  • soccer dr nyc

    yoyo let me tell you i hope barce win nothing
    do remember 4 years ago with real madrid all those star. what did they win nothing until beckham was leaving for mls barce gave him a present 2007. it not too late for messi and ronnie milan and inter i hope it happen.
    i say juve juve juve

  • Teddy Bear Tom

    It seems like the top players more & more do not stay at any one club for a long period of time,

  • yoyo

    I understand your point Teddy Bear, it’s definitely true in most cases these days. But Henry was at Arsenal for nearly a decade, so he’s not exactly a good player to illustrate your point. Almost every year he was rumored to be leaving, but he held out until after his 8th year with the club, after playing on the only undefeated EPL team ever, winning some FA cups, and setting the club’s goal scoring record. I think his move is more about new challenges and trying to obtain a European championship before he’s past his prime, not a chasing money and fame type of move like others.

  • Keeeper King

    Players should become more loyal to their clubs just as the toon army is loyal to the magpies. Hooray for Newcastle United.

  • Jared

    I’m thrilled that barca signed Henry they are going to be amazing with Ronaldinho, Eto’o, and Messi they will be goal scoring machine with Henry and Ronaldinho up top.