Rest for the Semis

After the huge quarterfinal win against England, we are on to the semi finals! It is unbelievably exciting. After winning on Saturday night, we hung out with our family and friends after the game to celebrate, and then traveled back to Shanghai (our home base here in China!) on Sunday morning after a nice easy jog and stretch to get our legs back. We have four days in between games this round, so we should have plenty of time to recovery (physically AND mentally) for the next game. We had the day off today, so all the girls did different things- some shopped, some went out to eat with family, but everyone got the rest and rejuvenation that we are going to need as we face Brazil.

The moral is high and the mood is one of confidence as we move along. We were happy with our result against England, as we some some great goals from Abby, Lil, and Boxxy, and also some huge defensive plays to contain their most dangerous players, including Kelly Smith, one of the trickiest players in the world.

I will let you know the sentiment before the game comes!