Revealed: Nike USA AWAY jersey

Revealed today, available for pre-order tomorrow. What do you think?


  • Josh

    Not a fan. I like the home jersey a bit more, but overall… probably not getting one.

  • Anonymous

    Will pre-order one tomorrow!!

  • Robert

    Would have preferred the sash going the other direction, so that the badge is highlighted and not the swoosh. Otherwise, I dig it.

  • Huff

    Very cool, couldn’t wait since I saw the leaked photos back in November.

  • Joe

    Looks like River Plate.

  • Tobin

    Looks great.

  • Arms

    Not much a fan. It reminds me of a sash that is worn in beauty pageants. I would have preferred the stripe displayed horozontally across the chest. Then a number could be placed dead center. Disappointed about the wait and product, but always a supporter. Let’s go win a World Cup.

  • Ryan

    Trivia: DTOM is on the inside of the crest.

  • Rus

    Hate it.

  • Jimmy

    Absolutely beautiful…best one yet!!!!!

  • kyle

    I really like it. Can we change our crest though? Seriously, it’s lame.

  • tim k

    bought the current one last month because i knew this atrocity was coming…

  • John C. Flood

    I dont understand the criticism, these are great. Simple, classic. Looks like our version of the white Man City jerseys. Great stuff.

  • MNM

    I don’t like the placement of the Nike Logo in the stripe. It draws attention to the swoosh and away from the team crest.

  • Matt

    The sash is done that way because that’s the direction it went in 1950. I think it’s a classy shirt. It’ll look even better with the numbers directly under the badge. That should put more emphasis back on the yeah-I-wish-we-would-change-it-too crest.

  • Jason

    Glad it actually has something to do with our colors (unlike the previous dark gray away shirt), but I’m boycotting until Nike makes a predominantly red jersey. One look in the stands of any US game should make it blatantly obvious what our colors are. You don’t see Nike trying to get Netherlands or Brazil to wear dark gray or some other color that has nothing to do with their traditions.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what these will retail for?

  • Anonymous

    I will without a doubt be getting one. Hopefully player specific unis will be available. I will own a Charlie Davis jersey for 2010 WC

  • Scotty

    I don’t care for it at all :/

  • Scotty

    I don’t care for it at all :/

  • Charles

    Would rather see a stripe run vertically down the side where the crest sits. Other than that, it’s not a bad kit at all.

  • Chris

    Really? Did we just win a beauty pageant or something?

  • Russell

    Don’t love it. Not as classy as Man City 3rd kit.
    Would have preferred Vertical stripe keeping with 06 home look. My favorite.

  • Josh

    > The sash is done that way because that’s the direction it went in 1950.

    I’d’ve preferred a remake of the 1950 jersey to this. I probably prefer the 1950 crest to our current one, too.

  • Chris

    Will we finally get a red jersey?

  • reverb

    Absolutely FAIL. Fugly.