Reyna Waits On Hamstring Scan

US skipper Claudio Reyna strained his hamstring in the loss to Morocco and will await an MRI.

Manchester City’s Claudio Reyna went off injured in the 16th minute as the USA were beaten 1-0 by Morocco in a World Cup warm-up in Nashville.

The USA captain suffered a hamstring strain, but is hopeful of being fit for the tournament in Germany next month.

Reyna told “I’m going to get an MRI, it is close to the games, so obviously it is not the best timing but I’m hoping I’ve gotten away with something very minor.

“I’m optimistically thinking that it is not going to be something long term, but tomorrow I will know better.”

Mohamed Madihi beat Borussia Moenchengladbach goalkeeper Kasey Keller in the final minute to stun the 26,141 fans at the Coliseum in Tennessee.

The USA are in Group E alongside Italy, Ghana and the Czech Republic.


  • yoyo

    Reyna = Mr. Glass

  • Brandon

    that was a really lame comment ‘MR. Glass’. I am not concerned with the injury, with pablo comming on last night playing a superb game. He was probably one of the only players that same interested in the game. Could the Americans just be trying to avoid injury? I guess we’ll see come june 12.

  • Heath Young

    Reyna has been pretty injury-prone over the years, but fortunately, the MRI showed no muscular damage. Hopefully it’s just a bit of a strain and he’ll be back on the pitch quickly. Truth be told, for all his skill, I’ve always found Reyna to be a bit of a disappointment for the national team. Not that he hasn’t made a great contribuition over the years, just that he doesn’t seem to reach his potention with the national team the way he performs in club duty. That said, we need his composure and experience in the middle and despite Mastroeni playing very well in his place, I don’t want it to have to be one or the other. I think we need them both fit and available for Germany.

  • Ben Good

    hey so i wish i could go to the world cup but u no….i live in maine so it sucks….i hope that who ever goes dies in a car crash and then i can have their tickets!!!!JK

  • i hope dat another team except brazil wins da world cup

    i hope any other team wins da world cup except for brazil