Rijkaard Gives Benfica Credit

Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard has offered applause to the gritty Champions League performance of hosts Benfica on Tuesday night.

“Both teams had chances, so we can’t complain about the result,” he told reporters. “We are sad because we didn’t score, but nothing is decided.”

“Now we have to keep this attitude,” insisted Rijkaard. “Benfica showed they are a good team and Ronaldinho was well marked.”


  • Capt. Christopher

    Every team may be defeated, at some point in time…The clock could be striking for Barcelona. Viva Benfica!

  • matches 2K4

    Viva Barcelona! The score doesnt reflect the
    effort of Barca. I think the team is pre-occupied with this week’s ‘clasico’ with
    Real Madrid (although they have LaLiga won already).Then we have injuries to Messi,Marquez and captain Puyol was suspended, thus giving room for Benfica’s forwards. I think Ronaldinho is still world’s greatest, and if Eto’o, Deco,Giuly,Larsson, and the returning Xavi are on ‘the same wavelength’ I tip Barcelona to win the Champions League 2005-06!!!!!!!!!
    Viva Barcelona!!!!!!