Riquelme: I'll Return To Bocas

Fresh from pacing Argentina to a World Cup qualifying win over Bolivia, outcast Villarreal playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme revealed that he is busy engineering a return to Boca Juniors.

The superstar #10 is essentially persona non grata with the Yellow Submarines, but remains a Bombonera hero after leading the team to a Copa Libertadores crown while on loan last season.

“I know that I will return to play with Boca Juniors, be it tomorrow, or within five months after my contract with Villarreal runs out,” Riquelme told Spanish sports daily Marca.

“We’re still talking about the same things, and in reality I hope that the issues will be resolved quickly.”


  • yoyo

    Riquelme must have really pissed off someone at Villarreal. It’s ridiculous that a player of his quality would never even make the team, nevermind the field. Is the coach still holding a grudge that Riquelme’s penalty in 2006 Champions League was saved? Stupid.

  • redevil

    its amazing. I’ve never seen a player who hasn’t been playing club football play as well as he has been. His second goal was absolutly phenomenal. Although Boca is a good team, I think that he still is at the top of his game and should be a part of one of the top teamsin Europe

  • Keeeper King

    Yes but you have to remember Riquelme fits in better at Boca Juniors seeing as he is from Argentina and he fits in well with the Argentine style of playing.

  • wolfen

    Riquelme is a talented player, yes he should be playing for some big in europe,he’s playing it safe in argentina but he’s good enough for seria A,premier,liga or bundesliga.

  • Eric Cartman

    Riquelme isn’t that good. He is worse than Stan. I am da’ best in da’ world.