Roberto Carlos: I’m Staying

Real Madrid star Roberto Carlos has rejected a lucrative offer from Turkish giants Fenerbahçe after a conversation with new boss Fabio Capello.

“I want to stay at Real Madrid,” he told Spanish daily AS. “I say it loudly and clearly.”

“It’s true that (Fenerbahçe) have been calling me for a long time.”

“Fabio Capello has given me a new lease of life and I feel much happier,” said the left back. “We had quite a long conversation, we spoke about everything.”

“I’m not leaving now because of that talk.”


  • dont worry bout it..

    Fenerbahce SK would be the greatest team if they can get Roberto Carlos! they would have Nicola Anelka up top, Alex de Souza in the midfield and Roberto Carlos in the back.. cant get much better than that!
    Seal the deal Fenerbahce!

  • wester

    Fenerbahce is the best!

  • ForzaItalia

    You’re kidding right? Anelka, one of the biggest underachievers in europe, R. Carlos is wayyyy passed his prime, as we saw in the world cup. Actually, you can do a lot better than that.

  • Fomenky

    Mieux encore R.Song a R.Carlos

  • Haiti

    In Haiti, we are 60% Brasilians, and the rest Argentinians, and other.
    I love Brasil. To me, ROberto Carlos is done. He has something left in him but this is his last year as well as Ronaldo’s.
    Pareira didn’t let Ronaldinho lead and Brasil faded away. Ronaldinho is the man.

  • valeria vazquez

    I say that this year is not the year for Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos to retired.As could be seen they do look older, but we will see both of them still playing.They are Brasilians and i know that they will not retired this year. They are one of the best soccer players around the world, especially Ronaldo.If anyone don’t agree with what I say,maybe is because you haven’t seen what he has done in the past and still he can do it .