Roman To Be More Hands On

Roman Abramovich will reportedly be looking to take a more ‘hands on’ role at Chelski following Jose Mourinho’s departure.

Former Israeli national coach and friend of the Russian owner Avram Grant has been appointed Mourinho’s successor at Stamford Bridge.

And The Guardian reports that Abramovich will take a more personal role in the running of the team.

The paper quotes a source at Chelski saying:

“[Abramovich] won’t pick the team but he will be more aware of the team [than under Mourinho]. It is the Russian way: they like to be the boss when they are paying for things.

“Mourinho made mistakes but at the beginning of the season everything was very bright. The personal relationship between Abramovich and Mourinho looked very positive. Everyone was happy but then they lost games, and results and performances, when he had promised to change the system for much more entertaining football, changed that.”

One of the key points that led to the deterioration of the relationship between Abramovich and Mourinho was the style of football at Chelski, and Grant may be more willing to pander to the owner’s wishes that Mourinho was.

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  • khalid

    Bring back Mourinho

  • giova * * * *

    Abramo is doin the worst thing he can do to Chelsky. He’s the owner, the money guy and can do whatever he wishes but you can have all the money in the world and never be successful. Especially if you don’t have someone in place who knows what their doing. For example, if your car breaks down you go to a mechanic and if you’re sick you go to a doctor. If you want a successful football club you should hire a winning manager with knowledge of the game, experience and should listen to him when he tells you what he needs. Abramo should stick to oil drilling. He’s like a mechanic whos trying to be a doctor.

  • yoyo

    giova, you’re right on it. Abramovich is treating Chelsea like his personal toy. He looks like a lonely little boy watching from the sidelines. Look for Chelsea to struggle without Mourinho…I also think he might have some trouble luring another big name manager. If you were Hiddink or Lippi, why would you want to co-exist with Abramovich constantly meddling?