Romário In Line For Vasco Return

Goal legend Romário says he is closing to joining the club where he made his name, Vasco da Gama, to finish his pursuit of the magic 1000 mark.

The former Brazil star, who starred with USL side Miami FC in 2006, is 13 goals short of the milestone.

“I have already spoken to Eurico (Miranda, Vasco president) via telephone and he told me Vasco’s doors are open,” Romario told Esporte Record.

“If there is no legal problem, I’m sure I’m going to Vasco.”


  • matt

    Romario is a joke… the only reason he’s coming close to the 1000 milestone is cuz they’re including goals he’s scored in practice. That basically means that any big footballer could have already reached the 1000 milestonne if their were people who actually cared about practice goals

  • Heath Young

    What are you talking about? Romario is certainly past his prime, but has been one of the most prolific goal scorers of all time. Anyone who saw him in the 94 World Cup (among many many other chances to see him produce brilliance) knows that in his prime, the would of football could claim few equals. Even in the past couple of years, despite his age, he scored upwards of 20 goals in a decent league before he went to Miami FC. He continued there as well, though I wouldn’t use it as an example, being a very weak league in professional football terms.

    Consider his stats dubious if you wish, though I would like to know what you base your comments on, but passing him off as anything less than a world class player is ridiculous. I’ll grant you, he is only in it now to hit the 1000 mark and you can have varied opinions on the vanity of that, but the man has been quality for a long long time.

  • dfgfs


  • Tesoro

    Romario needs to get over himself;have the grace and dignity to recognize your time has passed and leave the pitch to today’s stars. The only way he’ll get the 13 goals is for the competition to let him score otherwise it ain’t happening.

  • wolfen

    In his time he was brilliant,being 40 is not the end of the world but he wnts to reach 1000 good for him,if I’m not mistaken pele’ was the only other……

  • Gunnar Vikernes

    Tell you waht Tesoro. If you could step up & fill his boots which I think is ( not possible) Then you can much such outlandish comments. Until then …Be Quiet!

  • kicks22

    To stay in the game, solely to reach a number takes a certain amount of ego. But to stay in the game, playing in places like USL until you’re into your 40s, going back to where you started to set the mark, takes a lot of love for the game. Sure, Romario is old for a pro athlete and he has a lot of pride, but you have to respect the man, not only for what he’s done, but also for what he’s still doing.

  • matt

    Romario knows he isnt a ‘world class’ player as some of you would call him anymore, and he knows it, thats why he’s being a pathetic footballer and is trying to get the 1000 milestone anyway he can! He is not showing any of ability of greatness pplaying in the USL. He’s a joke and a dissapointment. If any footballer wanted to show that he could score that milestone, he’d do what Romario is doing by playing in the USL. Real footballers are showing class by playing with the best! Romario is showing absolutely nothing…

    If any of you are to disagree with me, i could argue you this my entire life

  • Heath Young

    No one is saying he is still competing as a world class player at this point. That’s why you’ve seen all of us say he is past his prime and is playing in subpar leagues, but calling him a joke is just ridiculous.

    I agree that chasing the 1000 mark can be charactarized as ego-motivated and vain. But at least give the guy credit for the career he has had even if he’s not still at that level. Besides, as kicks said, I have to at least respect his dedication at his age, even if I don’t necessarily respect his motive. It shows more love for the game than any of you armchair critics regardless of why or where his is doing it.

  • DynastySoccerFC … Rasputin

    OK …I’m going with Heath & Kick’s on this one. More power to Romario. I think it’s great he’s still playing! Good for him! Maybe more than anything it’s passion he still has for the game. Let’s face it. As we age, we change. No getting around it! Still it does not mean that we should give up the things we love! I played professional, years ago, & I’m over that experience but I still play because I love the sport. Of course I’m not too fond of losing but I go out & do my best & just enjoy it for the same reasons I did when I was a young boy. I wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year! If you plan to do a little drinking, be safe & please don’t drive! Take care! All the best!

  • Jim Jones

    HE DID IT!!! Romario has just scored his 1000 goal tonight in Rio, playing for Vasco in the match Vasco 3 x 1 Sport, for Brazilian National Championship! ROMARIO IS 1000!