Ronaldinho Relishing Beckham Tussle

Barcelona star Ronaldinho is keen to take on Real Madrid’s David Beckham when England and Brazil meet at Wembley tomorrow.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are involved in a titanic tussle for the La Liga title, and the Gaucho is relishing the chance to face Beckham.

He also praised the former England skipper for the kind of form he is in.

“Beckham deserves his return to the England team because he has been playing so well for Real Madrid,” Ronaldinho told the Daily Star.

“I can’t wait to take him on though.

“We are involved in a huge battle in La Liga and now we will be fighting for supremacy at Wembley.

“I want to triumph in both but I know that would wreck his dreams.”

There will be two particularly exciting rivalries on show at Wembley tomorrow, with Kaka and Gerrard facing off in one, and Ronaldinho and Beckham in the other.


  • Antonio Garcia

    I hope Brazil murders England! Everyone knows Latin American Soocer Rules! I also hope Beckham has a very poor game which I won’t have to wish too hard for as in internationals against strong sides he always blows it. He’s such a poor weak player & England has not done anything great at the international level since 1966. 41 years is a very long dry spell!

  • bredred

    I don’t think its so much ronaldinho vs. beckham but more along the lines of ronaldinho vs. lampard. In all the barcelona vs. chelsea games they would both be part of a see-saw effect. when one player played bad the other played good. Thats how I think it will be tomorrow adn hopefully Frank will be the better. God knows England need to start perfoming better against the big opposition. COME ON ENGLAND!!!

  • Antonio Garcia

    Screw England ! You have some nerve ! Trying to compare a weak weak player like Lampard to Ronaldinho! I hope & pray that Brazil will bury ugly England! Face it Red! Last time England did well was in 1966 ! That’s it !

  • Liana

    Beckham will hardly be in the game.there is no doubt who is gong to win. we all known it’s going to be barcelona. cause they have the best player in the world on their team, ronaldinho!! Go Ronaldinho. sorry beckham but look on the goog side after the game you won’t be playing for real madrid anymore. you get to play for La gallas goood luck you are going to need it

  • Dave

    I was not surprised with the result. The game was a major bore to watch. Almost as boring as watching Italian soccer which is like watching American golf! Best part of the England/Brazil game was hearing the Boo Boys’ Boo Frank Lampard non-stop before the game, while the game was going on, & after he was pulled out of the game! That made my day to see that! You can’t fool English soccer fans’! If your a weak & poor player & your form stinks like Lampard’s they are more than happy to let you know! As long as the English manager is stuburn & keep’s playing loser’s like Lampard he’s going to get the same old results! Ok enough Lampard bashing! Brazil stunk just as bad as England & chomper’s (Ronnie) was pretty much quiet & did nothing for Brazil. When you have two big national teams like these two & they end up playing so poor all the people that payed for tickets to see the game should get a refund & the lame player’s should get fined!