Ronaldinho will snub Serie A move

Ronaldinho has told the Italian media that even if Italy’s top clubs are interested in him, he has no interest in joining them.

For months there has been widespread speculation suggesting the Barcelona forward is set for a move away from the Camp Nou at the end of the season, following a year in which the former world player of the year has been dogged by poor form and below-par performances.

Italy – and Milan in particular – has long been touted as his most likely destination, but the Brazilian claims he only has an interest in playing for his current club.

“What would I say to any offer from Inter or AC Milan? No thanks,” Ronaldinho told Italian television show ‘Studio Sport’.

“Knowing that a great club appreciates your work is highly motivating, but I’m trying to reach my best form to be able to give my best to Barcelona.

“It’s normal that there is some criticism, if we were top of the league things would be different.

“When I go out into town [in Barcelona] I can feel the support of the people, and I hear them singing my name in the stadium so I know there is a lot of affection there.”

On Saturday, Ronaldinho scored the winning goal in Barcelona’s victory over Real Zaragoza, his first goal since December 12 for his club.


  • (?m.@.w?10)

    Ronaldinho is an asset for fcb and he will stay cause of the players and enviroment he’s around plus he gets paid a fortune but he plays for the love of soccer so therefore i dont think he’s leavin any time soon.

  • eiman

    heyy yeah i will agree with you & i also said the same thing to many people, but he has officially move to milan. Im happy for him because as me being a big fan of his i will have to say that if he is happy then i am because he wasnt in the best shape when he was in his last days in barcelona but i still go for barca & milan 🙂