Ronaldo Fires Chelsea Warning

Manchester United’s star winger Cristiano Ronaldo has fired a warning to Chelsea ahead of the vital Premier League clash between the English giants on Sunday.

The Red Devils have failed to show the form of last season which earned them the Champions League and Premier League double. However, Ronaldo – back from an ankle injury – says the team will be ready to lift their performances against the club which came second in both competitions. “There’s no problem at all with our form. Last year we started like this, look how we ended up,” the 23-year-old told The Sun.

The Portugal international is expected to start at Stamford Bridge on Sunday after he made his first appearance off the bench against Villarreal in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Ronaldo admits he is likely to be targeted by the Chelsea players, but feels he will be up to the task as he is regularly given plenty of attention by opposition. “I know that the attempts to intimidate me on the pitch will start again immediately – but everyone finds sooner or later that it is difficult to make me lose my rag,” he added.

“I’ll be booted again but I will not kick out when it happens. I’m tough and, again, it’s all just part of the spectacle.

“I’ll do my damage as usual by paying them all back with my goals.”


  • Revelian S.N

    That is fantastic statements from the winger wizard Ronaldo. Man U will win on Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    dude your just a glory seeking loser with no knowledge of the game giving praise to a cheater that plays like a 12 year old girl

  • bykov

    go get ’em, ronaldo!