Ronaldo: I’m Happy At Man Utd

Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo insists he is happy to remain with the Old Trafford club.

The Portuguese winger said during the World Cup that he wanted to move to Real Madrid, which may have stemmed in part with his run-in with United teammate Wayne Rooney during the Portugal v. England match.

But now he says: “Manchester are the ideal club for me. It is true that I said one day I would like to play in Spain. But if that doesn’t happen, it won’t be a problem.

“I still feel very happy.”

United have also made it clear that Ronaldo, who has been in wonderful form just three games into the new Premiership season, will not be leaving the club.


  • Bob

    Christianos the man

  • Anonymous

    amen to that ^^^^^^^

  • Anonymous

    I love your moves and I am trying to master them!

  • Brettmeister

    Thankfully, no English hooligans did anything stupid to force CRon to leave. What happened at the World Cup did not particularly go over well with English fans but it was definitely not something big enough to lose a brilliant Premiership winger over. I’m a Man U fan through and through and am delighted that he is staying with the Reds, who are in top form by the way. If you’re not a Manc, you’re a wank! lol

  • AJ


  • Kent

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  • Rasputin

    This Powder Puff needs to quit soccer & go to acting school since he has spent the majority of his time in soccer taking dives & crying. Come to think of it that’s all the entire Portugal National Team did in Germany for the World Cup. It was great to see France stop this Drag Queen & his pathetic team. Zidane should have thrown a head butt to all the players from Portugal…(Ronaldo as well!) Pay Piva!

  • alex

    C ronaldo should leave england… england is garbage he can add on to the arsenal of players real madrid already has and he would be put into good use since zidane and figo are gone. And he can kick out the two italian players that real madrid is getting

  • mayowa

    i like it

  • orville king from jamaica

    i think christian ronaldo is one of the best players man untd has ever seen. iwould like for him to come to arsenal though and team up with henry and win the championship there.i hope he will though,but,he is second in my rankins interms of youth players lionel messi from argentina is number#1 and will replace marodona and also will become one of the greatest player ever to play the game of foot ball.christian ronaldo most skillful young player

  • o king jamaica

    i want somebody to debate with about c ronaldo and lionel messi please

  • o king

    manU is a good foot ball club but arsenal serpasses them all and thats a fact and henry is who makes english league excellent no other player and thats also a fact too.arsenal for life u dont like it to hell with u then.

  • o king

    u am going away no one replying its too boring

  • Anonymous

    Christian Ronaldo you are very beatiful i love you

  • Prana RIONALDO Haryo Murti

    Continue ur beautiful play in the world.
    U are very attractive player in the earth.



  • Anonymous

    cron’s awesome

  • Anonymous

    ronaldo is the best looking footballer there ever was he is so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    arsenal is da best and always will be dont hate just rate dem kool respect 2 u all peace

  • Anonymous

    arsenal is just da best get ur fact right ok give them da benifit dont hate we lovin dem man.they all gorgous.big up boys we love you. born arsenal die arsenal.

  • Anonymous

    v persie is da best he is very skillfull one of da best really we love him he will b just like henry ma boo love u big.arsenal just da best respect ……….._________xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    dont think so ronaldo is not da best henry is da best and fabrigas v persie. the whole team really big up

  • giova * * * *

    Ronaldo is an excellent player, but hisintegrity is lacking quite a bit. Just the way he carried on in knocking England out of the world cup. So sneaky. Then he says he wants to leave the premiership and go to Spain. Now he says he’s happy there. If you ask me, I’ll say that England made him the player he is, and he slapped them in the face not once but twice. Like I said–excellent player, less than excellent person. The premiership deserves better.

  • giova * * * *

    he makes me sick to my stomach

  • Mrs.Joan Hignett, Flat 1, 46 Greenfield Road, Colwyn Bay LL29 8EW

    To Ronaldo. Could you send me a photograph of yourself for the lady I work for. She is a Man U fan. 62 years of age. Paraphlegic. and has been for 2l years. Her main pleasure is TV and football and talking about you. I am sure a photo would give her so much pleasure.
    Thank you. Joan Hignett. Also a fan.

  • Quinton Jooste

    screw all of u who does not like ronaldo just becoz he dfoesnt play for ur team