Rooney Results Expected Friday

English ace Wayne Rooney will have his broken metatarsal scanned today.

England hero Wayne Rooney will have a scan on his broken metatarsal on Thursday, but the results are not expected to be available until Friday.

Rooney is having an MRI scan on his injury and specialists will analyse the result with Manchester United’s assistant team doctor Tony Gill before they are passed on to England.

England’s team doctor Leif Sward has to inform FIFA by Tuesday if he expects Rooney to recover in time to take part in the World Cup.

FIFA’s chief medical officer Dr Jiri Dvorak said: “Each team physician has to confirm by May 30 that their players are physically and mentally fit to participate in the World Cup.

“If Wayne Rooney is on the list then that is, in principle, confirmation that it is anticipated he will have recovered in time to participate in the tournament.”

Every player has to have a range of medical tests, including heart monitoring, and be signed off by the national team doctor.

FIFA say they view this as a statement of intent that a player will be available to take part in the tournament, although if Rooney broke down again Sven-Goran Eriksson would have until June 9 to replace him in the squad.

Meanwhile, the departure of Manchester United team doctor Mike Stone from Old Trafford after 10 years remains unclear beyond the fact that he had a major bust-up with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Stone has had his employment with United terminated with immediate effect but club officials insist his departure has nothing to do with Rooney’s recovery from the injury he suffered at Chelsea last month.


  • Alex Webb

    Well done Rooney you don’t know how happy this makes all of the England fans out there. With the world cup only 2 weeks away now you will have plenty of time to train and get touches on the ball along with a bit a fitness. Well done Rooney!

  • Ocguer Vargas

    You Rooney team England needs you to strike and make England be the best Team in the world cup i hope you get recovered soon and i will be expecting good performance from you they need you to win the world cup and this is the year for it so get well and see you in the world cup laters my e-mail is

  • Voittana Muong

    Come on Roney, the world wants to see you break throug the defensive line. Please get well soon. We already missed out E’to but Roney is a must see. My e-mail is org. I have a good feeling that England will lift the World Cup trophy but she need you pave the way. Best regard.

  • Andrew Onley

    Wayne I know you will be okay in time for the trip to Germany. But if something does happen then England still has a little bit of time to replace you. Not that that will be easy. Hope your results show that you can return in time. I’m one of your biggest fans.

  • Taco Villa

    Who cares, England is going to choke.
    *Cough Cough*

    If they score 4 goals in the first round I will be shocked. No no, make it 2.

  • paul

    I could’nt agree with you more ‘maggot’.
    Its about time someone stood up, pronouncing the decredety of this so called game.
    Long live table tennis.