Ruggeri Waiting For Vieri

“Our objective remains survival in Serie A.”

During the break for the holiday season, Atalanta president Ivan Ruggeri talked about his team’s season so far: “I am satisfied, even though lately we haven’t got many points. Our objective should still remain survival in Serie A, if we get more in the end that’s even better. The league is long, sometimes unexpected things can happen if you do well. Football is not math, so it’s better to reach our objective as soon as possible.”

Then he complimented coach Colantuono who is working very well in Bergamo: “Sure, he is making the team his, creating it to his image.” And on the return of Bobo Vieri: “In 2007 we wait for the return of Vieri. I am hopeful: if Vieri went to do this operation it means he wants to go back to playing and someone with his past could also have chosen to stay on vacation. No one forced him to come back.”


  • TNT

    what happened to him? is it the same player from Italy’s national team,what’s he doing playing for atalanta???

  • giova * * * *

    he’s trying to make a comeback and acheive the form he once had. He won’t get any playing time on a big club so he has to start from the bottom again

  • matt

    your totally wrong giova, the reason he’s goin to play at Atalanta is because it was the first club he ever played for and he loved it, and he wants that experience he had. every manager knows what type of player christian vieri is and theyd put in alot of money for him.

  • Bruno

    Vieri is past it & over the hill. This is why he’s taking a step down. He cant handle the pace of the upper divisions anymore. It happens to all players as they get older. A player starts his professional career. He peaks, he fades, & then moves aside for a younger player. Thats life.

  • Matteo

    vieri is the best he will regain form and conquer euro 08