São Caetano Marksman Headed To NFL's Buccaneers

Adhemar, São Caetano’s veteran top scorer with 68 goals scored for the young club that nestles in São Paulo city’s industrial suburbs, is on the verge of a move to NFL outfit Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as his contract with the Azulão runs out on the 1st of August.

The player was resigned to calling an end to his dilated career and settling down at his farm on the edge of countryside town Porto Feliz, but the marksman may well take up a new challenge and swap the round ball for an oval one.

“I’ve practised a few 60 to 80 yard kicks and didn’t find it difficult. A businessman linked with Tampa Bay keeps on calling me as they want me to be the new kicker on their team.” explained Adhemar. who has built a reputation for blistering long-distance shots over the years.

“I’ve always had a knack for shooting from a distance and the idea of going over to the NFL does appeal as kickers over there earn a lot of money for coming on and just taking four or five shots a game,” he added.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were NFL champs in the 2002/2003 when they counted on the services of ex-‘soccer’ player Martín Gramática as their kicker. The Buccaneers were then owned by Malcolm Glazer, the present owner of Manchester United.


  • Adam

    Kiss all kicking records goodbye. The longest field goal ever made was 63 yards. He’s saying he can do them from 80?!?!? Tampa Bay will be a threat to score from absolutely anywhere beyond their own 35 yard line.

  • Sean

    Yeah but kicking field goals are different. They’re in the air and kicking footballs is wierd.

  • lulzpie

    lico ripilico eterno