Seize the dia in the new PUMA PowerCat Graphic 1

PUMA commissioned a scientific study in 2012 to determine whether Newcastle United’s most rabid fans placed more importance on love or soccer.

With the help of Bristol University, they surveyed men who had both been in a relationship and held season tickets for at least five years.

Each man was given two voodoo dolls, one of his wife and one of his favorite player and instructed to stick a pin in his spouse to make her ill in bed for a week or in the player, forcing him to miss one match. They did a similar test that asked each man to either cut up a picture of the Newcastle squad or of his wife’s face.

Thankfully for these men, the wives came out on top … barely. Researchers discovered that soccer truly is more than a sport to hardcore fans; it’s life and death.

The latest cleat from PUMA, the Powercat 1 Graphic, lends credence to the results with its Dia De Los Muertos-inspired design.


Meaning “Day of the Dea,” Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican-born holiday observed in other countries and occurring every November. Fallen friends and family members are honored with parades and altars adorned with sugar skulls, food and gifts.

PUMA honors the hardcore soccer player with this shoe. “Dia Del Futbol” is screened on the insole, tongue and written across the sides. Everything about the cleat is engineered to make sure every game will be your day. Made of supple, lightweight microfiber, the PowerCat 1 features PUMA 3D PST Duo technology to equip you with control and power with every strike.

You will be able to feel the ball better with PowerLast technology that creates the perfect fit. Bladed, injected TPU studs will allow you to sprint and stop at will.

If you are looking for a shoe to make your day, the PUMA PowerCat 1 Graphic is here. Go ahead—kill the opposition.