Sheva: 50/50 Odds On Surprise

Ukraine strike ace Andriy Shevchenko figures his team still has an even money shot to beat Italy in the World Cup quarterfinals, even with their true underdog status.

“Italy will be a tough nut to crack, but we are confident we can produce a surprise,” he told reporters.

“The Italians have won the tournament three times and they are a step up on anything we have faced to date, but I’d say we have an even chance,” said Shevchenko.

“That’s what we are telling ourselves.”


  • Danylo

    Of course Ukraine is going to win against the so called mighty Italians. I’m Ukrainian and I’m guran-Sheving a victory for the Ukies. Slava Ykpaini

  • lutfi

    I think Sheva is the best player in the world. If I would be met him I’d like to give him traditional food from majalengka Imdonesia Jawa Barat.