Sheva Looking To 'Most Important Match'

The Ukrainian player will be facing many friends on Friday night when his national side plays against Italy in the quarterfinals.

Andriy Shevchenko is ready for the match against the Azzurri, a country which has given him fame and glory in the past years.

“This week the Italian journalists and my friends will besiege me with repeated questions, I will have a lot of work to do with them.

“After seven years spent in Italy, I owe that nation a lot and now I will play against them the most important match of my country.”

Ukraine qualified for the first time ever to the World Cup, fourteen years after being founded.


  • Desgrottes

    It was on of the best thing that could ever happened to brazil for Ronaldo breaking the records over Muller. Now the world can agree that Ronaldol had proven that his fitness got nothing to do with his playing there is time for everything like Eklezias said a time to win a time to loose and a time to break records. like the bible says everything shall come to pass.

  • Carmel Desgrottes

    I believe that Football is the most beautifull
    game ever. Borned in Petion-ville. (Haiti) I admired many teams in my hometown, to name a few Don Bosco,M-One. I remember I was 7 years-old in 1974 when Haiti played in the world-cup. My heart is trembling I am in fear, I believe deep inside we can unite our Haitian brothers again through the spirit of Football. To our Haitian brothers who got billions and trillions in the bank could recruite some young players coach them and pay their school tuition and making sure their health are in good shape maybe who knows with persistancy and perseverance Haiti could faced the world-cup again. Yes, you, I am talking to you out there. Do something for the country for haven sake do something for peace and unity.
    Peace & Love

  • Bongo Augustin

    Haiti was the best of the islands in the 70s and need to come back and show the world of soccer what football is all about Haiti is better than the rest because when Haiti participaded in the world cup in 1974 only 16 teams made it to the world cup that’s why Haiti’s world cup participation was greater than Cuba, Jamaica, and Trinidad