A Romania fan dressed in a pirate cap ch

Shiver Me Portland Timbers: Soccer and Pirates Collide


In hon’r o’ International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we gathered up arrrrr favorite soccer-related pirate bits for ye to enjoy. Whether ye be a Shiver Me (Portland) Timbers fan or be excited that GARRRRReth Bale has made th’ switch to Real Madrid, embrace th’ silliness o’ th’ holiday ‘n answer every inquiry wit’ “Y’arrrrr!”

Th’ Orlando Pirates be one of South Africa’s most esteemed clubs, based in Parktown, Johannesburg. The club was founded in 1937 and be named after the 1940 film “Pirates”.orlandopiratesBig names in soccer that be a ruckas to say in scurvy pirate shout (including, but not limited to):

ARRRRR-senal’s salty sea dog, ARRRRRsene Wenger:wenger

Liverpool’s cap’n Steven GerrARRRRRd:gerrard

Manchester United‘s Javier “ChicARRRRRito” Hernandezchicharito

The legendary CARRRRRdiff Citycardiff

(Did we miss any scurvy pirate dogs? Ye best be tellin’ us in the comments below.)

Italy’s Andrea Pirlo would make a jolly Blackbeard the Pirate, if anyone decided to make another Blackbeard the Pirate movie. Look at ’tis beard. It be positively pristine:pirlo

Crews with vast doubloons:

As of April 2013, Real Madrid, worth $3.3 billion, overtook Manchester United (valued at $3.1 billion) as th’ most valuable club in the seven seas. Barcelona ($2.6 billion), Arsenal ($1.326 billion) and Bayern Munich ($1.309 billion) round out the top 5, according to Forbes.

  • Personally, I’m a big fan of Mikel ARRRRRRteta.

  • Henrik LARRRRRRson.

  • Joe Schwartz

    Ruud van Nistelahoy

  • Ashley McIntyre

    Tim HowARRRRRd. How did I not think of this earlier??

  • Jim Noonan

    I predict AAAAArgentina will win the World Cup, led by Sergio AAAARguero, or ye can keel-haul me ’til I’m red-cAAAARded.

  • Joe Schwartz

    Avast me Scottish Premier League Hearties, let us haul wind to the women’s game and pay homage to USWNT legend Aye-Aye-by Wambach, keen to fire a shot across the bow and into the back of the net a record 161 times in international play.