Sinha: U.S. Are 'Overrated'

With just over a week left until Mexico kicks off the final round of CONCACAF World Cup 2010 qualifying in Columbus, Mexico attacker Sinha had fired a verbal salvo by saying the U.S. National Team fail to live up to their rep.

Although El Tri have won but two of the 13 meetings in this decade – both World Cup qualifiers at Azteca – the Toluca star claims it is not because they are the lesser team.

“To me, Mexico is much better, but we need to do things the right way,” Sinha told reporters. “We need to put the negatives aside.”

“They are very overrated because, from my perspective, they are not what they are made out to be.”


  • Anonymous

    That is big talk coming from the Mr. invisible himself, the shrinking striker in big games. The great ones like Blanco show for big games.

  • MayorGalvan

    The USA is #1. We made it to the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009. We are going to win the Gold Cup 2009 again !. We are going to win the World Cup 2010. Believe It! Yes We Can! Si Se Puede! The time has come to galvanize
    I don’t let negative comments and negative people brainwash me. The USA National Soccer Team has grown up. More and more people are supporting the USA National Soccer Team.