Sir Alex Blasts Real Madrid Ronaldo Claims

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has unleashed an attack on Real Madrid after the club claimed Cristiano Ronaldo will move to Spain in January.

Ferguson thought Real would halt their pursuit of the Ballon D’Or winner after he convinced Ronaldo to remain at Old Trafford last summer, but Real director Pedro Trapote has stated a deal has been agreed for the player.

However, the Red Devils’ boss has responded sharply to Trapote’s comments saying he would never do business with Real.

“Do you think I would enter into a contract with that mob?” he said.

“No chance. I would not sell them a virus.

“That is a ‘no’ by the way. There is no agreement whatsoever between the clubs.”

Ferguson added: “I said to (chief executive) David Gill a year last summer when we sold Gabriel Heinze he could bet his life this stuff will all start up around Ronaldo in January. It will happen again this January.

“We just have to ignore it. If we worry about what Real Madrid have to say we are not concentrating on our own publicity and the program of difficult games we have got coming up.

“Sometimes they create an angry situation and sometimes I get really annoyed with them. But we know their game. I think we should play ours and ignore them.”


  • tony

    i think that this should be cristiano ronaldo’s choice since this is about him and other people are determinig his fate when it should be him talking and giving his opinion if he wants to stay or leave.

  • Fred (Real Madrid fans)

    C Ronaldo should study at Old trafford,he still hold the club enough…