Tacchanardi Blasts Former Boss

Villarreal midfielder Allesio Tacchanrdi has warned former Juventus boss Fabio Capello that his defensive ways will not work with Real Madrid.

The teams fought to a season opening scoreless draw that had Galactico supporters in an uproar.

“Maybe he’s won things and is a winner of sorts, but it’s easy to win things with an all-star cast,” jabbed Tacchanardi. “Let’s see what he does with this team, but from what I’ve seen of Real Madrid so far they play really badly.”

“Here he’s going to get it all wrong because the fans in Spain demand attacking football – they want to see their team go out onto the pitch and really hunt down victories through attractive attacking play.”


  • Tony p

    All the criticism in the world don’t mean a thing,especially when you add Cannavaro,Emerson,Diarra and Van Neestelroy to your already stellar line up,heck I could coach that team and be a success.