Tevéz Holding Out For Transfer

Corinthians strike star Carlos Tevéz is absent without leave after skipping out Tuesday training session.

The Argentina international is thought to be angling for a deadline-beating move to Europe, with Manchester United mentioned most often as a destination.

“Tevez has not appeared,” confirmed Corinthians press officer Luciano Signorini. “He has not called to give any reason why he has missed training.”

“We don’t know what is going on with him.”

Tevéz was spotted this weekend attending a concert back home in Argentina.


  • Tony p

    Tevez should be playing in Europe,I see him in the spanish liga,or in italy.

  • El Apache

    I think Tevez would dominate in England. He would be a huge standout with his dribbling skills. England doesnt have a South American superstar like him.

  • Charlie

    El Apache, i actually beg to differ about there not being South Americans in England. Gabriel Heinze plays with Man U. and correct me if im wrong but i do believe he is from argentina which, to my knowledge is still in S.America. also Juan Pablo Angel who plays for Aston Villa is also a native of colombia, which, infact is still in S.America. therefore, England does have South Americans, and i can almost guarantee that those arent the only two.

  • Don Lorenzo

    Don´t worry! Tévez is coming and will be playing for an english team.

    Saludos de Buenos Aires