25th January 9am CET Samba Copa Mundial Group

The Copa: A soccer tradition gets an update

adidas released the Copa Mundial for the 1982 FIFA World Cup™. Now, over 30 years later, the Copa is arguably the most iconic cleat in the game.

In 2014, Eurosport/SOCCER.COM celebrates our 30th anniversary. In those 30 years, the soccer cleat has undergone drastic changes, from the very first issue of the Eurosport catalog that contained just a dozen or so black and white cleats to the 500+ cleats in a kaleidoscope of colors on SOCCER.COM today. Technologies have come and gone, colors are bolder and brighter, materials have been stretched/thinned/enhanced/created, but the one constant throughout those 30 years has been the adidas Copa Mundial.

1988 Eurosport Catalog featuring the adidas Copa Mundial

Though the Copa Mundial wasn’t actually in that very first 1984 issue of Eurosport, it has been in almost every issue of Eurosport/SOCCER.COM since then. (The Copa Mundial’s soft ground equivalent – the adidas World Cup – was in the first issue of Eurosport. The Copa Mundial wasn’t available in the US until a few years later. The photo above shows the Copa Mundial in the1988 edition of Eurosport.)

adidas Shoe Production Ahead Of Results

Still made in Germany today, the Copa Mundial is constructed of the same extremely soft kangaroo leather, with the same reinforced heel panel and the same twelve-stud outsole design that players have trusted and chosen for generations.


Over the years, over 10 million soccer players have laced into the Copa including many legends of the game – Franz Beckenbauer, Michel Platini, Zico, Lothar Matthaus, Kaka, Zinedine Zidane, the list goes on and on. Despite a plethora of flashy colors and game-changing technologies, the adidas Copa Mundial continues to be one of the most comfortable cleats on the field.


In the fall of 2013, adidas released the first new color of the Copa Mundial, a limited edition white version of the classic cleat that was instantly embraced by Copa fans. Now in 2014, adidas has taken another step forward in the evolution of this legendary shoe.

25th January 9am CET Samba Copa Mundial Group

In honor of Brazil, adidas is releasing the classic Copa Mundial in five new colors – Solar Slime (green), Solar Blue, Solar Zest (orange), Vivid Berry and Blast Purple. We’ve seen these colors before on adidas’ other signature cleats – the Nitrocharge, F50 adizero, Predator LZ and adiPure 11pro – as a part of the Samba Pack adidas introduced last fall.

These colorized Copa Mundial cleats are part of adidas’ 2014 FIFA World Cup™ celebration and will only be available for a limited time and in limited quantities. Though bright and bold, these colorful Copas feature the same premium construction and materials that the Copa Mundial has offered players for 30+ years.


According to adidas’ footwear design team, “For the Samba Copa Mundial we wanted to honor the legendary status of the Copa Mundial but also give footballers worldwide the chance to add some extra color and celebrate the World Cup in Brazil. The pack is colorful, energetic but fully respects the Copa´s iconic design and feel.”

Find all five Samba colors and the classic black/white Copa Mundial on SOCCER.COM.

This is quite a break from the classic black/white Copa. What do you think of the new colors?

  • john

    Fantastic! i’m pretty traditional(color wise) but cant wait to get my feet in to them!!

    • What color are you liking most? My personal favorite is the blue.

  • soccer

    ugly AF

  • Alexis Susunaga

    They aren’t that bad but i perfer the white ones over these colored ones

    • The white ones were very popular, but they sold out quickly. Did you snag a pair?

  • lord vader


  • Fernando Godoy Lorca


  • smith

    boooooooooooooooooo!!! aside from the quality of the shoe, it had (until now) remained one of the original, unchanged, traditional soccer stalwarts. terrible!!!

  • kyra

    go with the originals !!!!! they are stupid in colors.

  • Sheru

    Why are they not making any women’s sizes in the Adidas?

  • Johnny C. Hernandez

    They look fantastic! I have always wanted a pair of cop as, but I I didn’t like the simple Black/White colors. I am the type who likes very bright, colorful, and noticable cleats. Now that the Copas have that I will definitely get me a pair. Great choice to change up the colors.

  • alex

    A big change! but i like it cuz its a chnage thorughout all the years its been clasic.

  • Jose Cabello

    this the shoes look nasty

  • Cheryl

    If they have the same exceptional quality of the classic black/white copa…bring on more colors. I personally tried to get the limited edition white ones for my daughter but had no luck. Please bring that option back again. Now I just have to narrow my daughter’s colors choice down from all of them!!

    • Yes, the quality is the same, Cheryl. You’re right…the white version came and went very quickly. As far as we’re aware, adidas has no plans to bring them back, nor these Samba colors once they’re gone.

  • Empire

    they aren’t that bad looking i just don’t like the color change on the laces, keep the laces black or whit sand change the shoe color