‘Tis the season to Passback

The wrapping paper has been shredded, the cookies have been eaten, the carols sung and the big guy in red is headed back to the great white north. It’s the day after Christmas and hopefully Santa brought you some new soccer gear.

As you celebrate and break in your new gear, look ahead to 2014 and get ready for the ultimate year of soccer, there has never been a better time to donate all that old gear gathering dust in the back of your closet, the corners of the garage, the cold depths of the attic. The US Soccer Foundation has the perfect home for all that used but still usable gear – Passback.

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Imagine a game that’s not about owning the newest pair of Tiempo’s or Predators – it’s about just owning a pair of shoes. Imagine a soccer player who has never owned a soccer ball or never worn a jersey. Imagine a soccer player who has never stepped foot on the bright, green turf. Around the world, there are thousands of players who can’t afford even the most basic soccer equipment. Passpack collects your used soccer gear and sends it to less fortunate players around the world, players who would otherwise have nothing.

Founded over 20 years ago by SOCCER.COM’s Moylan brothers, Passback has collected over 900,000 pieces of used soccer gear from players like you and sent it to needy players all over the world. Check out facebook.com/PassbackSoccer and see for yourself how this donated gear impacts the lives of young players.

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To donate your used gear, just head over to the Passback site and enter your location, a list of needy organizations in your area will be provided. You can also organize a gear drive for your team or club and send it directly to the Passback warehouse. More information about donating is here. The full Passback site is here.

More about the US Soccer Foundation:

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