Toni’s Bayern Deal Done – Report

Fiorentina’s Luca Toni could be a Bayern Munich player as early as Wednesday, according to reports in Germany.

The Italian club announced on Monday that the prolific striker was leaving the club after making it clear he no longer wanted to play in Florence.

A 13 million euro deal has reportedly been agreed with Bayern Munich and representatives from the German club are due in Italy in midweek to complete the final details.

Toni apparently rejected moves to other Serie A clubs out of a sign of respect for Fiorentina.

“It is a beautiful gesture to the club and the city of Florence that Toni has decided to join Bayern Munich,” said Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle, while also confirming the deal.

The 30-year-old scored 49 goals in two seasons for Fiorentina and is part of Bayern’s drastic rebuilding plan after they only managed to qualify for the Uefa Cup next season.


  • bredred

    I think Toni will do well in Germany because he scored goals on a regular basis in Italy where defenders are the rulers. With Pudolski and Toni up front, I think Bayern can make a legitimate push for the title

  • wolfen

    Good thing he’s tall enough for the bundesliga, yes he’ll do well there if you can score in Italy,than you proved yourself,I hope it doesn’t ruin his spot on the national team.

  • Antonio Garcia

    The only thing I ever liked about Italy is Luca Toni! He’s a great striker & should do well in Germany. He would do well no matter where he play’s. He doesn’t play like a typical Italian he’s far above that. Come to think of it he doesn’t play any kind of style. He has his own great style & is able to blend in & score against any style he comes up against!


    I’m already looking forward to see Toni together with Roy Makay

  • giova****

    He’ll do well. His attacking style has many Italian attributes in it. He’s a counter attack player. He scores 90% of his goals on the counter attack and the other 10% are penalty kicks. They will not take him off the national team because he’s by far the most dangerous finisher Italy has. His size makes him hard to stop and his skill is the gravy to add to it. Luca Toni will be on the national side as his aging will permit. He has another good 3-4 years of international ball. Next world cup might be his swan song. He will go down as one of the Italian greats. Good luck in Germany Toni!

  • jason

    ok i think it’s great that bayern have toni, but what’s gunna happen to podolski, makaay, santa cruz, altintop, and schlaudraff??? They might as well not have gotten the last two and sold Santa cruz.

  • James

    Boy oh boy! With Toni on board with Ribery & Poldolski already there I think it’s a sure bet Bayern will be a very dangerous side this coming season. Toni is by far the best Italian striker in the game hands down! What makes him special is his style has an international flavor to it. He’s not the typical Italian player so it’s very difficult for the teams he faces to find a way to contain him. I think he will do quite well in Germany & I also think Bayern should do quite well this coming season in return. All I can say to the big powerhouse clubs of Europe is look out next season boys!