Totti: I Knew I Would Have Scored

The Italian forward was confident before shooting the decisive penalty against Australia.

Francesco Totti explained what happened before he took the penalty which sent Italy flying to the quarter finals.

“From the moment in which the referee pointed towards the spot, I had no doubt that I would have taken the penalty and scored.

“The joy of the goal was for the fans, for the squad which had fought up till the end and for those who are always close to me, for myself: period and I stop here.”


  • corey

    totti rocks that was so cool how he scored against the aussies.

  • ForzaItalia

    That could be just what Totti needed to get him going. If so…look out.

  • dylan

    Totti is the man. His goal was sweet. It will be a great match against Germany

  • Amanda

    totti just better stick to his thumb succking
    very baby thing to do he could not score a goal untill the so cald penalty my eight year old son could have put that one in what on earth did he have to celebrate if that was me i would have been imbarrased!!!lol

  • sav

    you know i am discasted with that penalty kick im only ten and i could get that in poor totti needed a penalty not even ten metres away to kick a goal so now i go for the team that has thje proper spirit