New England strike star Taylor Twellman has admitted his frustration after Championship strugglers Preston North End had a second transfer bid rejected for the U.S. international this weekend.

The Lilywhites offered $2.5 million for the forward, who has the first two years of a four-year deal that was signed at the start of last season.

“I want to go,” Twellman told the Washington Post. “It’s the right club and, being 27, it’s the right time to go to Europe.”

“When I ask MLS, they say the Revs rejected it – when I ask the Revs, they said it was MLS.”

“You’re not going to get more than that for a guy like me, who is not always with the national team,” Twellman insisted. “It’s a good offer.”

“I feel like they’ve gotta sell me or compensate me, whether it’s with money or more guaranteed years.”

January 14th, 2008 Product Guide, 5 Comments
  • Steve S.

    MLS needs to let him go. Twellman’s proven himself at that level and if he is going to continue to develop (and maybe contribute more to the national team) he needs to take it up a notch and go overseas.

  • kicks22

    Steve, you’re right. And the MLS will never get a better offer than $2.5 million for Twellman.

  • mike

    thats true, for someone who hasn’t been in the world cup and offered a 2.5 million deal is pretty good. Twellman deserves the pay raise. The revs are just to stubern. They didn’t let sharlie joseph go to celtic and now they arent letting twellman go either.

  • CPresc

    twellman should totally be allowed. not only is he a great player, but it is moves like this that help soccer in our country.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa

    he is amazing for an anerican player nad they should allow him leave