Typhoon in Shanghai

We are back in Shanghai now for our third group game versus Nigeria which kicks off later tonight. Problem is, there is a monster typhoon headed towards the city! As I look out my hotel window, the rain and the wind are absolutely crazy. Game is still scheduled to kick off at 8 PM, and we will be prepared to play in whatever conditions!

We are not taking this game lightly at all. Nigeria tied Sweden 1-1 and only lost to North Korea 2-0. They have obviously improved a lot in the last couple years. Also, we ultimately want to come first in our group.

The family and friends of the team have been arriving which has been fun! My family got here yesterday, and it is always nice to feel supported and to share the experience with people you are close to. Hopefully, they will stay dry, cheer loud, and help get us the win.


  • Katie

    GREAT game against Nigeria!! You guys played a lot better (no offense) than in the other two matches! Passes were being put together and there were some great plays! Keep up the great work! And again..thank you for playing the beautiful game so beautifully! 🙂

  • Karen

    Heather, Keep up all of the GREAT work. We are all so proud of our home town East Brunswick soccer player( and everyone else too) We started to watch th game before school today.GO U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!

  • The Hudak Family

    Thank you for everything that you and your teammates have sacrificed in order to represent our country. We are behind you 100% Go Team USA!!!

    Best of Luck,
    Julie, Alex and Joey Hudak

  • Molly Fagan

    Great game today.You are so much fun to watch! Keep up the good work. Good luck in the next round!!!!!