U.S. to face Mexico in February

Chicago, IL (Sports Network) – The U.S. Men’s National Team announced Thursday that it will play Mexico in an exhibition game Feb. 7 at Glendale, Ariz., the second game for the MNT under interim head coach Bob Bradley.

Bradley was appointed to the position last week after former German star player and national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann turned down the offer from the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The game against Mexico comes 18 days after the Americans meet Denmark at Carson, Calif., in their first game since they were eliminated from the World Cup last June.

“I’m excited to be a part of my first game against Mexico,” Bradley said. “There is a great history to the rivalry, and I know it is always a special game for the players and fans. It is a great opportunity to see how our players respond against a challenging opponent.”

Like Bradley, Mexico head coach, Hugo Sanchez, will be embarking on his first year as his nation’s head soccer coach after being appointed to the position in November.

The U.S. has dominated the series of late, collecting a 6-0-1 home record against Mexico since 2000. During that span, the USA has netted 11 goals, while the Mexicans have failed to score a single goal on American soil in this decade. In the team’s last meeting, the U.S. used a 2-0 victory on Sept. 3, 2005, in Columbus, Ohio to become the first team in the CONCACAF region to qualify for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The U.S. has a lifetime record of 12-29-10 against Mexico in a series that dates to 1934, but has compiled a 10-6-8 advantage in home matches since 1957. Since the rivalry between these two teams began in 1990, the sides have played 24 times, with the U.S. holding a 10-7-7 advantage. In the team’s most significant matchup, the United States defeated Mexico 2-0 in the round-of-16 of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, advancing the U.S. to the quarterfinals of the tournament for the first time in 72 years.


  • Vic

    This is awesome. I live minutes from this stadium, I cannot wait until our USA boys knock the stuffing out of our south of the border mates.

    GO USA!

  • darkness

    this will be an exciting game even though we already know whos going to win mexico will win im guessing 2 or 3to zero because overall mexico is just a better team than usa viva mexico!!!!

  • victor

    Usa has some alright stars but mexico has better mexico has this one in the bag last time they faced each other mexico won so i think it will be an easy win for mexico and of all the games theyve played against usa mexico has more wins. i dont think theyll win i know they will!!

  • Alain Castellanos

    I know that mexico will win this game because of the adrenaline with Hugo Sanchez as the new head coach. Also, theirs a lineup of young players that play in clubs in Europe.

  • Heath Young

    Not that I’m saying the US will win this match, but virtually all of that is false.

    Hugo Sanchez recently named the roster for this friendly and not a single player on it is playing in Europe. Every player named is currently playing domestically in Mexico.

    Mexico did NOT win the last time these two teams faced each other. USA won 2-0 (it actually says so in this very article).

    You are correct that Mexico holds a decided advantage overall in their record against the US, but even that is misleading, considering most of those wins were decades ago. The meaningful record is in the past 15 years of so, and the US actually holds a bit of an advantage there.

    Again, I’m not at all saying that the US will win this match. If Mexico and the US both brought in their top squads for this friendly, and called in all the players that are playing abroad, etc. I personally would give a bit of advantage to Mexico, because they have been playing the better football recently (particularly in Germany). They’ve looked more creative and effective, and I think they have received a boost with the hire of Sanchez.

    But let’s at least keep the facts straight here rather than the complete falsehoods posted above.

  • giova * * * *

    Mexico proved in the World Cup that they could hold their own against top flight teams. It took Argentina extra time to beat these boys in green. I think Mexico have aquired a confidence about them and this resonates through the players when they have done interviews this season. They have great players such as Marwuez, Blanco and Borgetti for example. Although I don’t really care if Mexico wins or loses I do have to say I think the United States are going to be the first in a long line of international victims for Mexico. Mexico don’t have the best team in the world but they are in the top 10. usa is not even in the top 20, I don’t care what the rankings suggest. Mexico will win 2-0.

  • Heath Young

    Unfortunately for Mexico, Blanco and Marquez are not on the roster for this match, but I agree with you. Mexico has certainly been building toward a very competitive side internationally and they played some very attractive football at times in Germany.

    With the squad Hugo Sanchez named for this friendly, a lot may depend on who Bradley calls in from abroad for the US, but overall I would tip the scales toward Mexico and I think you are right that they will give a good account of themselves internationally in the next few years.


    even though I was raised here in the U.S.A
    my heart is with Mexico, my original birth place. anyways, I wish the best for both teams and let the best team win!!
    but I will certainly have a few coronas while watching the game, specially if Mexico wins.
    enjoy the game and let your adrenaline take charge baby!!
    Saludos. Saul Morfin (Michoacan MX).

  • Anonymous

    usa sucks