Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Nike Mercurial Vapor 10

The New Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Speed has a new ally. The most explosive boot in the game is back with an extra edge. But what will the all new Nike Mercurial Vapor X look and feel like? What new technology and material could possibly lace these lightning quick cleats?

The current version of Vapor IX features All Conditions Control (ACC), the industry’s first technology to offer optimal ball control in any condition. It ensures the surface of the Mercurial Vapor VIII’s upper delivers consistent friction between boot and ball in wet conditions,so you keep the ball under control at the highest speeds.

Everything about the new Mercurial screams explosive speed. An ultra-light contoured speed design mirrors your foot-shape to help boost rapid movement and comfort. While an advanced central speed stud boosts acceleration to ensure you tear past the backline with ease.

Worn by speed demon Ronaldo, Mercurial is for creative players with unbeatable pace. Who will wear the all new Vapor X?

Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Let us know your thoughts below. We welcome all comments, pre-reviews and esoteric pontifications.


  • Jan Bermen

    I imagine the new Mercurial Vapor 10 will have:
    – New material
    – New colorways (probably hi-vis)
    – Possibly new studs or bottom plate shape

    Overall, probably not going to look too much different. Either way, I imagine that they will be released right before the World Cup 2014!!! Yippy.

  • Gustavo Castro

    There are rumors that these boots/cleats are being released in mid-late May or early June for the World Cup. Not only are they making the Vapor X, but also the Superfly IV.

    As for the stud configuration, its similar to the Vapor IX with some slight differences. Bottom half/heel of the boot is 4 studs like in the Vapor VI rather than the 2 studs. Then there is one extra stud in the top half of the boot located between the swoosh and the two studs located in the inner half of your foot. As for the colorway, mostly likely to copy Adidas Samba Collection by releasing bright/neon colors.

    • Gustavo’s lover

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  • Raul

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  • Raul

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